Trying to remember the name of an artist?

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Howdy there, I'm not at all familiar with asian music. Sometimes I like to watch Japanese and Korean music videos just to get a peek into their pop-culture lives. Anywho... about two months ago (maybe a little less) I was watching Girl's Generation videos, when youtube gave a link for a video by another artist over on the side, which I followed. Even though I don't speak korean or japanese I really liked the music, her voice and the video. But unfortunatly I cannot remember her name or any of the lyrics to find it again (comp. crashed and I lost my bookmarks). I was hoping somebody might know who I'm speaking of. I do not believe she would be considered Jpop or Kpop though.
The video goes:
She is a ridiciously beautiful young asian woman (I think Japanese) standing on a platform in a field, surrounded by scientists and their equipment/vehicles. She is wearing grey flowing cloths, and moving her arms/hands and head to the music, because she is signaling the "mother ship". You see tv monitors with radar showing spaceships approaching earth. Eventually she steps of the platform and begins walking down the field as scientist in containment gear run past her. She also blows up one of the light posts behind her. The whole video kinda had a very "Firestarter" feel to it. Even though the video was about space/aliens, the actual lyrics had to do more with comparing love to drowning/water (atleast according to the english language translations I looked up).
Thank you kindly to anyone who offers assistance.