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Nov 27 11 6:05 AM

Another reason to check these guys out:

If you're from the US, a J-Pop album now costs roughly $39 new if you don't count shipping. I've been living under a rock since 2008 and wasn't aware of these outrageous changes (probably spurred by the economy/tragic disaster in March, the success of AKB, or Oprah Winfrey), so once again, my next purchase(s) will be thanks in part to Japan-Codes.

These guys are life savers if you need new J-Pop (legally) ASAP!

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uncle Jemima

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パン・ダ marinopp

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Jan 2 12 11:34 PM

okay I'm kind of late, but THANK YOU FOR THIS. I won't use it too much, since it's still kind of expensive (i made the mistake of buying the 500yen code without realizing that i would have gotten much more value if i had bought the 1000yen code instead, but at least i'll know for next time). but i bought a couple of songs that were never uploaded anywhere, and those of an artist that i'ma mega stan for and wanted to support anyway, since he only has digital singles and no physical releases.

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Apr 9 12 2:19 AM

Can someone please tell me the average price of a song on iTunes? Right now I really just want the two albums from Safarii which adds up to about 25 songs so I wanna find out how much I should buy. Is it about ¥100-¥150? Thanks!

Also thanks for sharing this info! It helps so much especially cuz I've always wanted to download their apps and could never do that even when they're free.

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Apr 9 12 8:43 AM

^ I made a quick search but can't find anything by Safarii, I guess they are under Sony BGM? Sony artists are not using Itunes, minor a few exceptions.
Just to simply answer your question, it's more around 150-250 than 100. For the few sony artists listed on Itunes, it's about 200. UNIVERSAL about 250... and so on.

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Apr 9 12 9:35 AM

Thank you for doing the quick search for me. m(_ _)m

That means my only hope is to buy the stupid albums. I wanted to get them through iTunes cuz it's easier for me now without a computer to put them on my iPhone. That totally solves my problem that there is no desperate need to get it yet.

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Apr 13 12 7:34 PM

Question 4 ya Love9souls

I'm new here but wanted to know if what country is your iTunes account set as?  If in the US, is it set for iTunes US or iTunes Japan?  And, having an iSOMETHING (iPad, iPhone, iPod, iTouch) are you able to switch back and forth between the two iTunes countries account and purchase/download onto the same iSOMETHING? OR, are you just using iTunes Japan?

Thanks for your info.

btw, I'm in Okinawa but thought that this was interesting because I have an iTunes Japan account but can't find some American artist music in the Japan iTunes store but I know that they are in the US iTunes store.

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JPC Admin

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Apr 26 12 9:19 PM

To switch the country of the iTunes store, all you have to do is press on the little circle of whichever country's flag is the store you're currently in. That will bring up a list of stores and you can select the one you want to change it to.

On a mobile device, you only way to change the store is to login with your ID and password for whichever store you have a valid account for. You would input your ID & Password in the settings app. Logging into your preferred store through the iTunes App on your mobile product will not switch your store.

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Dec 21 13 12:36 AM


Kinda late, but just found this out today. :3

What if you don't use a paypal...? (I don't even own one LOL)
(Not sure if my dad uses it, probs not)
I really wanna buy Versions A and B of the Weather Girls Hey Boy ~Weishenme?~ albums
(Cuz they're not anywhere online for free //cries. Not in the US store either but I have a Jpn iTunes acc. with no yen on it)

On my US iTunes account, my dad set it up with his credit card (and idk which kind it is). :/

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Aug 20 14 2:12 PM

I like but still, my personal favorite is
They specialize in Japan gift cards (iTunes, etc). Cheap and fast online delivery (within 24 hours).
Their store is still small but they gradually adding more card types. Hope it helps, everyone =)

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