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Sep 15 13 4:28 AM

Osiris wrote:
Probably because No More Dream was already on Neon Spread Vol. 3.

Oh oops, lol. Forgot about those albums because I don't think of them as real albums of hers, haha. smiley: embarassed

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Sep 17 13 11:48 PM

The album is everything I hoped it would be! MUCH better than the previews let on. Even the songs I thought would be cringe-worthy are interesting ("SUNNY" and "I'M A MADEMOISELLE" in particular are more tolerable than I thought).

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Sep 26 13 2:51 PM

I'm so underwhelmed by the album, MADEMOWORLD was much better. I mean there are nice songs here too, but I guess I was too hyped for this.

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Nov 24 15 4:23 PM

It's always fun when an artist replies to you. It's warm feeling haha. But great! Looking forward to it.

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Dec 5 15 4:05 AM


NEW SINGLE    GO GO/THIS WEEKEND   12.17.2015   On Sale!  


1. Go Go
2. This Weekend 
3. Go Go ( Instrumental ) 
4. This Weekend ( Instrumental ) 

PS:  You can listen to GO GO on one of her videos on youtube

 Will be available on iTunes. Also 7inch colored vinyl and CDs  

Yulia as we had never seen. We all know Yulia is Tokyo’s leading DJ, model, and a designer for her own labels Giza and Growing Pains. Recognized as Tokyo’s most coveted fashion personality, she has been featured on pages of glossy international magazines along with her appearance as a global ambassadress for brands including Chanel, Gucci, Stella McCartney and many more.And now, following her third studio album Whatever Harajuku released in 2013, she spins off her new track in December. “No more electro” as she states about her latest singles GoGo, The Weekend, and Let Go which she collaborated with ANIMAL FEELINGS, her new direction as a singer reflects her romantic yet nostalgic personality.




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Jan 30 17 1:55 AM

That's a really great song! I'm really feeling it. Thanks, Ginko.

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