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Aug 6 11 1:01 AM

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They share the last name not because they are brothers but because they are married  smiley: roll

KinKi Kids are Koichi Domoto (born January 1, 1979) and Tsuyoshi Domoto (born April 10, 1979). They debut on July 21, 1997.
All of their singles since their debut is No.1 on the Oricon chart.. that's 31 singles to date.
Their debut single ("Garasu no Shōnen") was released on the same day with the debut album (A album).
They were the second Johnny to debut with a million sales (first was Masahiko Kondo)

Upcoming releases:
Domoto Tsuyoshi Solo single: Niji no Uta - September 7th
Domoto Tsuyoshi album NIPPON will be released on the 21st of October in Europe
 --- NIPPON will include two booklets with german / english / french tranlation of all lyrics.
NIPPON will be released on 21st of October 2011 all over Europe.
- K Album  ... 11/09
Limited is with 32 page photobook and 31 song clip/PV smiley: eek
Regular is with 24 page photobook
- [Single]  Kawatta katachi no ishi 2012•01•11
- [Solo] Domoto Tsuyoshi  ... solo album  “Shamanippon -Rakachinotohi-” on April 11th

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Aug 6 11 3:55 AM

It will always amaze me that they managed to find two Juniors from the same region born on the same year with the same last name and not be related to each other.

I did pick up their latest single Time, and I'm so glad I did as I love it. Not only the A-side but both B-sides as well.

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Aug 7 11 2:18 AM

" " is Tsuyoshi's official website for his previous solo release "Eni wo Yuite" back in April.

the thing is, there's a twitter account on it too. don't know if the tweets are from him or staff-san.
last tweets were in May .. not sure if it'll become update again with his new solo release.

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Sep 17 11 11:09 PM

heard about it for a few days but wasn't sure 
ิีbut now it's confirmed.

Tsuyoshi Domoto – album NIPPON will be released on the 21st of October all over Europe

In October 2011 Gan-Shin Records will release „NIPPON“, the first album of the outstanding artist and Japanese idol Tsuyoshi Domoto all over Europe. His exceptional musical talent and experience is noticeable on his first European release “NIPPON” everywhere and anytime, mixing funk and blues influences with traditional Japanese sounds. The musical blend of two different worlds coming along with Tsuyoshi Domoto’s incredible voice is of course the reason why “NIPPON” is an extraordinary experience for lovers of sophisticated music.

NIPPON will include two booklets with german / english / french tranlation of all lyrics.

NIPPON will be released on 21st of October 2011 all over Europe.


1. 美 我 空
2. 空が泣くから
4. Blue Berry -NARA Fun9 Style-
5. Chance Comes Knocking.
7. 時空 (jiku) - Live in Heian Jingu Shrine / Kyoto
8. Love is the key - Live in Heian Jingu Shrine / Kyoto
9. ソメイヨシノ (someiyoshino) - Live in Sendai
10. Help Me Help Me … - Live in Heian Jingu Shrine / Kyoto
11. 縁を結いて

Source 1 & 2 + His own confirmation during his con in Sendai.

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Sep 18 11 12:20 AM

That's pretty interesting news. I wouldn't think of him as the kind of artist Johnny's would promote overseas but I'm sure they have their reasons. I wonder if they'll have him head over to Europe to do some promotion for it.

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Sep 18 11 1:42 AM

I think for Europe, his distinct style and voice is exactly the kind of the thing that Johnnys would've chosen to promote.

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Oct 4 11 10:19 AM

Totally forgot their upcoming release :
K Album - release 11/09
RE goes with 24 page booklet
The tracklist for RE is:

1 願う以上のこと 祈る以上のこと
2 同窓会
3 危険な関係
4 ラジコン
5 さよならのエトランゼ
6 Family ~ひとつになること
7 のちの最後のひとしずく
8 ヒマラヤ・ブルー
9 もっと もっと
10 破滅的Passion
11 2nd Movement
12 Time
13 きみとぼくのなかで
14 僕が生まれた日
15 Family ~ひとつになること[Unplugged]

LE has 32 pages booklet + 13 songs + 31 PVs
  smiley: eek

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Oct 4 11 1:05 PM

I'll buy Tsuyoshi's European release, as I'm here and.. it's cheap.
Though I think I'll need to buy it online anyway, i don't think many shops will have it, at least not in my country, maybe in Germany or France...

And now this super Kinki album...! THE LE is SO tempting! O_O
but... almost 70 USD O_O It's going to kill me.........

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Oct 5 11 12:32 AM

Really excited for this release! I wasn't expecting an album until next year, so this is a pleasant surprise. The LE sounds awesome, already preordered it.

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Nov 6 11 11:06 AM

I saw that NIPPON is being listed as imports starting Nov 7th. This makes me think that the album could actually chart in Oricon weekly as imports.

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Nov 9 11 4:02 AM

it's charting on the normal album chart? or is it on a chart for imported album (if there is such chart :p)?

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