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May 20 14 10:02 AM

Ugly J-Pop Stars

This thread is amusing lol

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Aug 5 16 3:55 PM

I'm just curious as to know if you guys mean ugly as in "Fuck, he/she is really goddamn ugly, poor sod", or more along the lines of ugly in the sense of least attractive among the other J stars?

Cheers to whoever answers me and sorry for intervening with my question.

Thank you.

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uncle Jemima

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パン・ダ marinopp

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Aug 5 16 8:20 PM

lol i made some ridiculous threads here some years ago...

sseognitram i think it was just a desperate attempt of mine to keep people engaged in the forum since the activity was kind of slowing down, but i knew lots of people had pent up hate and negative comments - i had seen enough of those on here to last me a lifetime, many of them directed at me. so i didn't have a specific answer in mind when i made this thread.

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