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Aug 6 11 11:47 PM

manrush wrote:
NATE wrote:

I personally think that UA looks better when she's not on a CD cover. At least in her earlier years she looked good. For looks, I'd say 'exotic' or plain  or mannish. But going back to her fugly CD covers: what art school reject of a stylist is responsible for them?

Wait, that's a woman...I totally thought it was a man...=X

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uncle Jemima

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パン・ダ marinopp

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Aug 7 11 2:22 PM

NATE wrote:
You know you guys could just say she looks petrified instead of, "She looks like she's about to be beatened/raped," which gets the same point across without making light of something people like you clearly don't take seriously. Just a thought.

people say the same thing about a Juliet cover. apparently looking sad/crying = getting raped.

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Aug 11 11 2:47 AM

This is a personal opinion, not racist and like attacking the fans.

I love Jero and all, I even bought his album cause his singing is pretty good. BUT
He just doesn't appeal to me as a "hot" black guy that I often see. Like ripped abbs or over confident attitude.
Jero just comes off as a "cute" black guy which is kinda lame cause he got so much going. I'M not asking like for him to do a Japanese AXE or Japanese Old Spice Commercial (but god please that would be so interesting) but just Jero had the potential just wasn't used probably cause of his traditional genre.

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Aug 11 11 3:46 AM

LOL that just makes him not "hot" in your eyes but that doesn't mean he's ugly, correct? Sorry I don't actually know who Jero is and what he looks like but I'll assume he's not that ugly.

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Aug 12 11 8:07 PM

I actually think Jero is kinda hot xD

When I think of "ugly" J-pop artists, the first person to come to my mind is Miliyah Kato. No offense to her fans, but I find her face scary as hell =_= And the weird clothes / hairstyles she wears at times don't help either.

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Aug 13 11 1:01 AM

I have to agree about Visual Kei, most of them aren't that great to look at but at least some can hide that behind the make-up/costumes. Though I would say J-rock has some attractive folks and I refuse to believe that Koshi Inaba is not attractive, especially after seeing him live and in person.

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Aug 13 11 1:44 PM

All of them. There I said it.

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