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Aug 17 16 1:31 AM

SushiBoat wrote:
The Nicole Scherzinger of kpop...

LMAO I'm deadsmiley: roll

honestly though are we supposed to forget about the other two...

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Aug 17 16 12:34 PM

Uh, um, finally?

Like that cover. Let's see, how the song will be.

And Teddy said, after CL's debut, there will be a 2NE1 comeback, didn't he?
Now with Minzy gone, I'm interested, if this still counts.

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Aug 17 16 4:27 PM

^I assumed he meant after HB's.

Aside from CL, I feel they've moved past it. I remember reading Dara works in YG's promotions as a director now, aside from random sighting seems Bom is just kinda hanging out. 

I just hope CL's music is good and worth all the time and hype of the eventual EP we're supposed end up with. I'm ready to see talent and not her just be Jeremy Scott's arm candy.

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Posts: 2,657 Mohtorboat

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Aug 17 16 9:16 PM

maze wrote:
what was Hello Bitches then? @_@

~Hype single~. Or some bs like that.

Minzy signed with The Musicworks Entertainment a while ago.


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Aug 18 16 6:19 AM

Minzy girl, you're having just one sinlge face expression in the whole shooting.

But thanks for the info, Moh!



Excerpts from Wu Tang Clan's Method Man. Interesting.

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Aug 18 16 1:48 PM

I meeeeean, Minzy's always kinda had the one expression during photoshoots. I guess now she's learning how to really stand on her own now?

CL's song is alright, although not what I was expecting. Kinda gets repetitive towards the end, but it's whatever. Works well to show her variety, and actually I kinda dig the video (until the very end, those CGI really killed the vibe lolol)

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Posts: 2,657 Mohtorboat

#1569 post_url

Aug 18 16 2:21 PM

That "rub it in your skin like lotion" line is making me think of Silence of the Lambs. The only thing I sorta like is the beat.

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Aug 18 16 3:05 PM

Yeah, it's a bit repetitive, but I really like it. Better than her last solos for me. Can actually see me listening a long while to it.

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Aug 18 16 3:21 PM

Realization that they probably labeled it the first single because this is actually full English; HELLO BITCHES still had Korean lyrics, so it was probably used more for international hype (compared to like, 2NE1's I AM THE BEST, which wasn't intended for international hype but ended up achieving it)

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Sep 3 16 9:26 AM

I finally got around to listening to the song. It's cute, but I feel like if Lil Mama released something like this (with better lyrics) people still would have eaten this up (in the bad sense).

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Posts: 2,657 Mohtorboat

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Sep 22 16 8:03 PM

CL is having a ~tour~ starting on October 29th. How you can have a tour with hardly any songs is beyond me.

10/29: New York - Hammerstein Ballroom
10/31: Seattle - Showbow Sodo
11/01: Vancouver - Vogue Theatre
11/03: San Francisco - Warfield Theater
11/04: Los Angeles - Microsoft Theater
11/06: Dallas - Bomb Factory
11/08: Atlanta - Center Stage
11/10: Chicago - Chicago Theater
11/14: Toronto - Sound Academy

Tickets go on sale September 30th. If you feel inclined to attend any of them, you'll be able to find prices at

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Nov 3 16 11:07 AM

Apparently the setlist is this:

Plus a new song called Monster as intro.

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