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Dec 3 15 12:42 PM

Hello Bitches!

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Dec 3 15 9:47 PM

sora2522 wrote:

Also, I didn't know Bom didn't perform with 2NE1 for a bit last year? Apparently Tumblr exploded when she came back, like second coming of Jesus level

She has not appeared on stage for almost a year and a half.  Occasionally people see her walking out of YG HQ but she has been AWOL for a very long time. For a dumb reason too.

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Dec 3 15 10:28 PM

Jaxxia wrote:
She has not appeared on stage for almost a year and a half.  Occasionally people see her walking out of YG HQ but she has been AWOL for a very long time. For a dumb reason too.
It's because of her high-speed life as a drug mule right?

The Korean netizens are ripping a new one into them though....lots of talk about Minzy's new face and Park Bom's "criminal" record :c

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Feb 24 16 12:15 AM

Snuck onto Hulu and watched it. In context, pretty good choice. Unsurprising that they chose a CL song too, since she is slowly wriggling her way into the American system, but still hilarious haha

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Apr 5 16 2:58 AM

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but according to TV Daily Minzy has been in talks with other agencies and to make matters worse. This just in Minzy is leaving and they will continue as a 3 member group Press conference just moments ago.

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Apr 5 16 4:20 AM

Hm, alright, didn't expect this to happen. But hey, they're not disbanding as a whole and we get new stuff this year from the group, that's good. Don't know, what Minzy is planning, but somehow I can't see her going solo. Like I really can't. She's talented and all enough for that, but from her character shown in 2NE1, I just see her more as a part of a group ( or a duo).

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Apr 5 16 8:07 AM

Well, I'm not that sad and kinda saw this coming. They have been off for a while now and YG is just giving time and spotlight to CL. I'd be pissed as fuck.

I feel the same way about her, Corvina. Like if she hadn't developed a personality by herself, but just like part of a band. Maybe a solo single would have been great, but YG... ugh

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Apr 5 16 8:55 AM

Wow it's like my childhood is over with Jessica leaving GG and Sulli leaving f(x) and now Minzy leaving 2NE1... nothing is the same anymore lol but thankfully we are still getting a comeback! Let's pray they don't push it back a million times like usual

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Posts: 2,657 Mohtorboat

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Apr 5 16 3:34 PM

Might as well just disband already. All YG's been doing is hyping up CL's non-existent US solo career anyway.

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Apr 5 16 7:21 PM

Interesting. I figured it would be over since they haven't done anything in ages.

I wonder if they will do one more comeback and then just fade out, but not disband, like MBLAQ.

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Apr 5 16 8:23 PM

That's honestly the best decision she could have made. No one should be surprised because she has been pulling away for a while.
While Bom was in the basement, Sandara was getting acting roles and CL had her solo(no US debut yet). They had careers they were advancing. Minzy was studying.
People forget she's much younger than the others. Sandara and Bom are in their 30s. YG Ent can't give her what she needs so it's better she do it while she's still young and relevant.
Furthermore, this comeback news is odd since YG Ent specifically said that there would be no 2NE1 comeback until CL had her solo. Free publicity and all, I guess.

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Apr 6 16 2:12 AM

I mean, yeah, it makes sense once you think about it, but I don't think anyone really expected it to happen. Of course, no one EXPECTS things to happen unless there were absolute clear signs, and while the lack of activities on her front is a little suspicious, it still hurts. Not to mention the rumours that she's not only leaving YG, but that she's still looking for other agencies...
On the other hand, we've already established that YG clearly has no idea what they're doing anymore, what with BIGBANG and CL basically being their only focuses nowadays. But after the MAMA performance it seemed for sure that they were all gonna be coming back together :C

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Aug 16 16 9:57 PM

The Nicole Scherzinger of kpop...

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