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Oct 31 13 1:02 PM

no september single and no october album lol but the worst part is that YG didn't say anything. usually he post his excuses on his yglife blog

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Oct 31 13 3:26 PM

YG's slowly losing his drive....based on random LINE messages, it seems like something happened and they were apologizing and will be back soon? I don't even know

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Oct 31 13 8:51 PM

I just figured they got shafted for BB's projects again. GD and Seungri are done, and next is TaeYang and possibly T.O.P in Nov.

I also take it the Japan effort is totally dead now.

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Nov 2 13 2:13 AM

DarkAngel wrote:
I think this group just died.


I think YG is starting to turn into a terrible manager like JYP with his company...pretty soon the "Big 3" is going to turn into shit since YG and JYP cant get their acts together properly, SM seems to be the only company out of the three that still knows what they are doing...

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Nov 11 13 8:01 PM

How long does it take to get a new nose and recover? She's been posting pictures on instagram all along.
OR do they take pictures with new clothes and everything to cover the days she has a bandage on her face?

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Nov 11 13 8:59 PM

^ Not very long. A few weeks and the bandages/cast are off. Might still be puffy though. It would also depend on how much was done to the area too.

Either that or her makeup artist did some extreme contouring to her nose that day...

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Nov 12 13 7:01 PM

So I was waiting on more info to surface on Minzy's new look.

Her reps say "she grew into her looks/turned 20...

I could go for that but from July/Aug to this in Nov kinda shakes me personally.

Either drag-tastic makeup artist or surgery, she looks nice,  just kinda looks like Nicole and JiYoung's lovechild (of KARA).

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Nov 12 13 7:22 PM

Yea nawww, that's definitely a nose job. I think it looks good too though! Looks like Park Bom's face finally deflated a bit since her last round of face injections, but sounds like her live voice is still as shaky as ever... What happened to that bitch? She used to be so fierce and talented...

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Posts: 2,663 Mohtorboat

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Nov 13 13 1:00 AM

Unless they have some super skilled make-up artists, that's a nose job.

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