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Jul 29 13 1:04 AM

What is with this 2NE1 love binge though >____________>

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Aug 3 13 10:02 PM

Apparently, based on 2NE1's official LINE account, the Falling in Love video was supposed to have been shot on an actual beach, but when they started filming, it was at the beginning of the rainy season, so they had to settle with a cheap set.

In related news, Dara Park is my life.

Caption from the LINE:

We shouldnt forget about Falling in Love while all this Do You Love Me is happening rite? Hold on take a look at Dara's beach dance version on Falling in Love~

[TheSadStoryBehindFallingInLove] The musicvideo for Falling in Love was originally going to be filmed on a nice beach abroad. But with the rainy season we decided to make a beach on a set in Korea. But the video turned out to be a big success ^.^ one day...we go to
Jejudo for the shooting on Do You Love Me...

We didnt sleep for days and 2NE1 went to beach Joongmoon for our last shooting. It was when the sun was about to rise. Everyone was in the car after a tiring shooting...and then one person gets super energized by the beach... Name is Sandara Park

Music begins!!! Falling in Love Sandara Park Joongmoon beach version (at 5:30 dawn) gogogo~!!!

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Aug 4 13 8:10 PM

SushiBoat wrote:
Hopefully the song is good, because the MV is gonna be ratchet...
Instead of an MV, the 2NE1 members will be using their cell phones and old-fashioned cameras to make their own 'home video' style music video.


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Aug 4 13 9:33 PM

I really didn't think it was going to be so bad looking.
The song sound like fun though. I couldn't hear it very well. I just put the MV in one tab and listen to the song.

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Aug 4 13 11:53 PM

Eh, it's basically an Instagram video. Not too surprised at how it looks. I just wonder how they're gonna make the video look with a song that sounds like that.

The song sounds like the most poppy they've done in a while. I can't put my finger on which one, but it reminds me of one of their older hits...GO AWAY? With a mix of I'm Busy I think?...

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Aug 5 13 11:11 PM


Next thing you know she'll reveal the blonde is a wig because the YG stylist finally truly fucked up her hairstyle while trying to torment her some more

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Aug 6 13 4:28 AM

OMG, the teasers look awesome! I love the concept of a home-made video. Their crazy moves make me laugh . The song itself sounds really promising. It looks like traditional 2NE1 are coming back!

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Aug 7 13 11:25 AM

I definitely do like the song, but I'm not sure if I like it because it sounds good or because it sounds like the old 2NE1 that we're used to. *shrug*

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Aug 7 13 11:49 AM

Song is pretty predictable on the fact that its basically a carbon copy of I Am The Best. When you do a carbon copy of a song from another artist, I can accept that, but when you do your own song it just seems way too redundant. I dont know why I even bother giving them a chance, its been way too long since I liked any of their stuff.

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Aug 7 13 1:51 PM

Well it sounds like that to me, so thats where that comparison is coming from, but maybe I could be wrong, its been awhile I have listened to them, maybe I am confusing it with another song that I mean...

Gosh good luck trying to give any opinion that isnt positive on the article posted up on AKP, Blackjacks have got to be the most annoying and cocky fan base ever, even more so than EXO's fanbase...

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