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Jul 7 13 11:48 AM

The PV is gorgeous but I don't like the song and the choreo doesn't fit the song at all. Dara is looking gorgeous in the straight blond hair scene <3

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Jul 7 13 12:03 PM

Never been a reggae fan... Catchy chorus but boring verses. And that fake beach set is SO painful. You'd think YG could afford to film at an actual beach, lol.

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Posts: 3,903 SHINee/SNSD Love

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Jul 7 13 1:28 PM

The song is really good but I know it won't be a song which will age well for me.

But did we all really wait a year for a song which was recorded last year?

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Posts: 2,628 Mohtorboat

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Jul 7 13 2:20 PM

God this is awful. The music is so annoying. The only highlight of this is that Bom wasn't screaming, though she looks creepy with those contacts.

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Jul 7 13 7:00 PM

I'm...not sure how I feel. When I heard it was gonna be reggae, I knew that it was most likely not going to be my cup of tea, but it isn't bad. I guess after waiting for over a year, getting this as their next release was disappointing =\ Chorus is catchy, verses are weak, and eh. Dara's hair is awful except when it's down, but I knew that just from seeing the teaser pics. And Bom's contacts...they just make her look sad...really creepy sad........

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Jul 7 13 8:25 PM

Love it, glad that the reggae thing works for them.  Wonder how it will do on the charts.  

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Jul 7 13 11:50 PM

It's all right. I really wish they started off with the best song instead of this promotional track.
Minzy is really the best part of this song.

so the Inky performance was cancelled...Does this mean that Mnet will get the 2NE1 first performance
then or are we waiting until the next Inky?

Oricon wrote:

But did we all really wait a year for a song which was recorded last year?

I thought it sounded familiar.

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Jul 8 13 9:58 AM

Why are they releasing all these random singles? When a popular group like 2NE1 releases new music, they should drop a full lenght album.

The song is pretty good -minus CL's grating nasal rapping voice.

Blonde is not for Dara.

CL looked hot in the black top.

Visually the video was interesting to watch, but the contrast between the laid back island and the Liberace/Versace sets were too big, imo.

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Jul 8 13 10:24 AM

I'm sorry but this is probably one of my favorite releases since when they started. I got sooooo tiredddd of the autotune crap. It's simple and its reggae-inspired which is like what they debuted with lol. I like it. They actually have my attention now. This would fit along well with that first mini they released.

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Jul 8 13 5:23 PM

It took a minute for it to grow on me. Definitely fun and summery with 2NE1's kitch and flair.

Some parts of the song are a hit for me (Minzy and Dara's part), but then the other are a miss (CL and Bom's). 

They're parts just sound like demo cuts where as Minzy and Dara's sound crafted for the song.

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Jul 14 13 3:24 PM

...I am judging that end transition SO hard. Came out of nowhere and was way too jarring. Also, the pink wig is seriously screaming Nicki Minaj tryhard to me. YG y u do dis.
Although I think 2NE1's one of if not the only group I've seen that completely uses handheld mics during the performances; usually the performances I see have a mix of handhelds and headsets...

DarkAngel wrote:
AAHH!!! Bom should not be moving her body, she looks AWFUL in this MV!!! and I'm saying this as a diehard Bom fan.... YIKES. Song is meh.

I feel like she dances a lot better in the lives and in the practice video. Dunno why she looked so derpy in the MV. I actually enjoy the choreography though, aside from the dorky 'HEY WE'RE TOTES BEST FRANS' opening on the ground

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Jul 28 13 10:55 PM

New single, Do You Love Me, out August 7th.

Hopefully the song is good, because the MV is gonna be ratchet...

Instead of an MV, the 2NE1 members will be using their cell phones and old-fashioned cameras to make their own 'home video' style music video.

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