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Jun 23 11 11:03 AM

LeeLeeNeko wrote:
The verses kinda make me think of Beyoncé's "Girls" dunno why Cfe360fd6c85b4ff44bd8c20945cc1911023de3c_r.



I guess I'll like it with the performances comin'...

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Jun 23 11 11:11 AM

I really like the indian like melody throughout the song and the vocals they made fitting!
And thank god it's not that auto-tuned like some fast songs before.
Could become one of my favourite songs.

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Jun 23 11 11:16 AM

QuantumLeap07 wrote:
Is it removed? I click on the single and iTunes tells me that my request is denied and its not listed in the list of their full songs..?
iTunes has been doing that all day, you just have to exit it completely and try once more. It took me awhile to actually download the cause cause  I kept getting that message too.

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Jun 23 11 11:21 AM

I love love love the song!! I'm trying to buy it on iTunes in the U.S. but it keeps saying "the item you requested is not available". It must not be up officially yet. Till then I'm just gonna repeat the rip I got off Youtube.

Edit: I got it to work! I just clicked "buy" instead and it started downloading! Wooo

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Jun 23 11 12:18 PM


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Jun 23 11 12:58 PM

Outgrow wrote:
^ your pussy doesn't have the stamina to last the whole song. Work on that tbh, no one likes a sloppy pussy.

if I only had one...but who cares...not me.

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Jun 23 11 5:06 PM

Outgrow wrote:
Video looks like it's just going to be a fucking mess of ideas. Typical 2NE1 video.

Agree. Some hot ideas, but probabaly will turn overkill. They already delayed it for more editing saying they set the bar to high compared to past MV's, but looks like they're standard kind so far.

Song doesn't intrest me as much as I thought it would. No where near as catchy as Fire for me (since it's being compared to).

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Jun 23 11 6:01 PM

Too long, goes nowhere, weak chorus. It definitely does make me think of Run The World. I really hope Diplo doesn't become the new 'it' producer, leading to more emulation, because his sound has been nothing but awful for every act he's worked with. If Beyonce and Nicola Roberts can't lift your work to something good then it really is just trash.

Last Edited By: Infinite Jun 23 11 6:04 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Jun 23 11 6:10 PM

Um what? Why all the hate on this song? I think it is way better than any other K-pop songs out at the moment, I don't know why people compare them on an international level because they aren't international artists. This is still K-pop. So I don't understand why people are being so harsh on 2NE1 when this is clearly a step above the majority of other K-pop artists out there.

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Jun 23 11 6:39 PM

I am going to agree with some people here, I expected alot more, especially with the teaser they were giving us.

The song is good, but then it sort of just drags and drags. I was expecting a very well produced catchy chorus and some spit fire verses and raps but all we get is some one liners that dont really do it for me. I guess I hyped it up more than I was supposed to, it is still a whole lot better than LONELY and Bom's recent solo, but its not as good as the three songs they released from To Anyone, and this is my own opinion the last thing I need is people to jump down my case for having an opinion.

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