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Jul 14 11 9:07 PM

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SMAP stands for Sports Music Assemble People. They debut in 1991 with "Can't Stop Loving You".
They originally had six members : Masahiro Nakai, Takuya Kimura, Katsuyuki Mori,Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Goro Inagaki, and Shingo Katori. Katsuyuki Mori left the group (in 1996) to pursue a career as a motorcycle racer.
as 6 members: image


Nakai Masahiro

Hometown : Fujisawa-Shi, Kanagawa-Ken, Japan
Birthday: 1972.08.18


Kimura Takuya

Birth place: Tokyo
Birthday: 1972.11.13

Inagaki Goro

Birth place: Tokyo, Japan
Birthday: 1973.12.08

Kusanagi Tsuyoshi

Birth place: Saitama, Japan
Birthday: 1974.07.09

Katori Shingo
Birth place: Kanagawa, Japan
Birthday: 1977.01.31


Upcoming/current releases/works :
- SMAP : 
> [album] 『SMAP AID』 2011.8.17
> [Single] Boku no Hanbun 21 December 2011
> [Single] “Sakasama no Sora“, on April 25th 2012

- Nakai Masahiro:
> [Dorama] ATARU 

- Kimura Takuya :
> Photobooks 30/9/11
> [Dorama] “Nankyoku Tairiku~Kami no Ryouiki ni Idonda Otoko to Inu no Monogatari~”

- Inagaki Goro : 
> [Dorama] Bull Doctor (NTV, start 2011-Jul-06)
> [Dorama] Hungry

- Kusanagi Tsuyoshi
> [Dorama] 37sai boku... something, long title I cant remember smiley: ohwell

- Katori Shingo 
> [movie] Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Koen-mae Hashutsujo THE MOVIE ~Kachidoki Bashi wo Fuusa seyo~
trailer : 
> [movie] Love Masao trailer:
> []

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#2 post_url

Jul 15 11 1:30 AM

yeah since it's been 20years with them as a group
I'll probably add in stuff bits by bits but will try to keep this thread up to date as much as possible.

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Aug 6 11 6:48 AM

^Yup! It looks like it'll be announced during SMAPxSMAP. What do you all think will show up on it?

Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana is pretty much a given but I hope Orange makes the cut. Of course these are the songs I want to be on it (but not sure if they'll make it):

Original Smile
Orange (pleaseeee???? *crying face*)
Aoi Inazuma
Let it be
Song 2 ~the sequel to that~ (I feel like I'm the only one who loves this song)
Bang! Bang! Bakansu
Oretachi ni Asu ga aru

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Aug 6 11 9:38 AM

Sekai ni hitotsu is definitely a given.
other songs that probably will make it are Original Smile, Ganbarimasho, Shake, Bang Bang Vacansu, Lion Heat, Yozora no Muko
.. somehow I think Can't Stop Loving should be in it just because it's their debut single :p
Aoi Inazuma and Dynamite might make it too. Ten Dollars, Arigatou too maybe.

I'm hoping for Oranji, Yozora no Muko, Tomodachi say what you will, and Ceroli... don't think Ceroli will make it though

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#6 post_url

Aug 6 11 11:38 PM

Ohh yeah, I forgot about Dynamite. I wonder if Kansha Shite will also make the list since I think that's a popular song among fans (although I think I read somewhere that SMAP themselves don't really like the song). I could do without Tomodachi e but $10 would be nice. 

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Aug 6 11 11:51 PM

Kimura gave an obvious hint on the no.1 song during his radio show last week.  It's

My hope
Original Smile, Shake, Stay, Yozora, Fly, Arigato, Five Respect

Sekai, Original Smile, Shake, Yozora, Ganbarimashou, Hajimari no Uta

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Aug 7 11 12:36 AM

I wonder if this will be the last release I'll buy from them, with the lack of recent good materials, and a lot of other things. Which is saddening since I've been a fan for so long.


I love Song 2 too, but I don't think it will make the cut. But Orenji, please please please!

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Aug 8 11 10:35 AM

SMAP AID (only 15 songs + 1 bonus track will be included in the album.  But they revealed TOP20 so I'm going to post all 20 songs)

  1. Original Smile
  2. Hajimari no Uta
  3. Not Alone  (probably because it wasn't released as a physical single so they voted for this song)
  4. Susume
  5. Sekai ni Hitotsu dake no Hana 
  6. Arigatou
  7. Stay  
  8. Orange
  9. Yozora no Mukou
  10. Douka todokimasu you ni
  11. Kono Toki, kitto yume jyanai
  12. Ganbarimashou
  13. This is Love
  14. Fine, Peace
  15. Freebird
  16. Dear Woman
  17. Best Friend
  18. Lion Heart 
  19. Kimi wa Kimi da yo
  20. Chomalungma (2008 concert song)
The list is definitely for hardcore SMAP fans because several album songs are included.  It is reported that Sekai ni Hitotsu dake no Hana (Chinese version) is going to be the bonus track.

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#10 post_url

Aug 8 11 11:24 AM

thanks for the update
very happy that Best Friend, This Is Love and Stay made it.
really didn't expect them in this album <3

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#11 post_url

Aug 8 11 11:41 PM

I guess I've been out of the SMAP loop since I don't know some of these songs (the album tracks). Cfe360fd6c85b4ff44bd8c20945cc1911023de3c_r This is the tracklist I found online:

1. freebird
2. Fine, Peace!
3. This is love
4. Ganbarimashou
5. Kono shunkan, kitto yume janai
6. Douka todokimasu youni
7. Yozora no Mukou
8. Orange
10. Arigatou
11. Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana (single version)
12. Susume!
13. not alone ~shiawase ni narou yo~
14. Hajimari no Uta
15. Original Smile
16. Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana (Chinese version)

Hmm, I'm so glad Orange made it (and Original Smile!); I'm disappointed DEAR WOMAN didn't make it though. I hope they put out a proper best sometime in the future since that's missing as well as Triangle. 

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Aug 9 11 10:40 PM

I love Fly but I feel like that's a forgotten SMAP single to be honest Cfe360fd6c85b4ff44bd8c20945cc1911023de3c_r

Everyone seems to love STAY so I'm looking forward to listening to it. 

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Sep 9 11 8:49 AM

Today SMAP is 20years old. Congrats on your 20th anniversary, SMAP

As to celebrate their 20th anniversary, today SMAP held a fan event for 10,000 people at Seibuen Amusement Park in Saitama - it was the place where they held their CD Debut Event 20 years ago.

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#18 post_url

Oct 5 11 5:31 AM

I actually ordered it on an impluse :p
I'm not really a Kimura stan but my friend was like "c'mon it's absolutely worth it!" I am right now saving up everything to get by each month :p

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#19 post_url

Nov 12 11 6:34 AM

FanxFun event today, fan reports that they sang a new song... wonder why they're having a new song since SMAP songs are usually tie-in with something...(some says it's gonna be released on 21 Dec.) and they announced they'll be having a concert next year too (which doesn't concern me that much cause I won't be able to attend anyway)


Kimurasan, otanjoubi omedetou
thank you for everything you have done so far
wishing you happiness and health always <3
hope you have fun celebrating with the fans today smiley: glasses

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#20 post_url

Nov 13 11 12:12 PM

Yeah, the single is titled Boku no Hanbun. Apparently it will be released on Dec 21st.

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