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Jul 5 11 2:03 PM

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(from left: Tabuchi Hisako, Nakamura Kouji, Ushio Kensuke, Furukawa Miki)

Formed in 2011, LAMA is a Japanese band made up of Nakamura Kouji (SUPERCAR, iLL, NYANTORA), Furukawa Miki (SUPERCAR), Tabuchi Hisako (Number Girl, bloodthirsty butchers, toddle), and Ushio Kensuke
(agraph).  After making their live debut at a show with KIMONOS in April, their first single "Spell", the opening theme for Fuji TV's NO.6, is set for an August release.

Latest Release

Release Date:
1st album



01. Blind Mind
02. Spell (Alternative ver)
03. Ane Mone
04. Tune On, Tune In, Surf Out
05. Cupid (So Far...ver)
06. Night Telepathy 
07. doudou 
08. Soul Diving 
09. Silver Spring 
10. Rockin' Your Eyes
11. Fantasy (The Room ver)
12. Warning
13. Don't Go Back
14. Dreamin'


01. Spell (Music Clip)
02. Fantasy (Music Clip)
03. Cupid (Music Clip)



Official Homepage
Official Twitter

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#1 post_url

Jul 5 11 2:07 PM

I couldn't find any external videos, but if you go here, the song starts playing about halfway through "TRAILER 02".

It sounds pretty good, which isn't surprising since this band is basically half of SUPERCAR reunited, with two great musicians filling in the other two spots. B0b268e653b8a40783297dc6ad6c1609b0cb7980_r

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#4 post_url

Jul 7 11 1:45 PM

I wonder if there's a meaning to the partial jewish sign "david shield" on the single's cover and their band name's lama means "why?" in hebrew (besides the animal's name) lol.

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#5 post_url

Jul 7 11 6:51 PM

Holy fucking shit, they (or at least the song??) remind me soooooo much of somebody (something?) else!!!....Damn!! Gonna drive me insane. Anywho, I like them. The song is, for some odd reason, surprisingly cool. And refreshing. Maybe that's why I'm so drawn to it.... Will definitely be following them. I'm quite excited to hear what they'll do with a full album of tracks.

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#8 post_url

Sep 30 11 12:32 PM

2nd single is a double A-side, "Cupid / Fantasy" and it will be released on October 26.
1st album "New!" on November 30 and will contain 14 tracks total.

"Cupid / Fantasy" 2011.10.26 release
Regular Edition cover:

[Regular Edition CD] KSCL-1873   ¥1,020
    1. Cupid
    2. Fantasy

[Limited Pressing CD] KSCL-1874   ¥1,200
    1. Fantasy
    2. Cupid

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#9 post_url

Oct 26 11 9:52 AM

Here's the album cover and an awesome promo pic for New! from Cfe360fd6c85b4ff44bd8c20945cc1911023de3c_r



Previews of all the tracks can be found here.  I sort of forgot about them, but this album sounds crazy good.

The album versions sound different, but here are the Cupid and Fantasy videos.  I like the songs but the videos are . . . awkward. 7ed16369b2478598ce6f55746fa66118356979de_r

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#10 post_url

Oct 30 11 1:00 AM

Ugh, thanks LAMA, now I'm going to have to buy your album AND rebuy Miki Furukawa's first solo album. I regret getting rid of it now. Apparently her music is a kind I don't listen to often, but then when I do I'm reminded how much I like it. ^_^;;;

Thanks for linking to the previews!

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#12 post_url

Dec 1 11 11:33 PM

I'm a little disappointed that there's no opportunity on New! to showcase Miki's not-so-cutesy/unaltered vocal style from songs like "OVER YOU", "rain song" and "Chick, Shick Radio" from Mirrors, but overall I like the album.  All the songs started blending together after just one listen, but a couple standouts were "Tune On, Tune In, Surf Out", "Blind Mind" and "Silver Spring".  It's definitely one of the better Japanese albums I've heard this year.       

Maybe it'll grow on me more later, but right now I feel more inclined to buy some SUPERCAR albums and Miki's first album. 7ed16369b2478598ce6f55746fa66118356979de_r

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#13 post_url

Dec 17 11 4:53 PM

I finally got my yesasia preorder of the limited edition (once the release date passed it was immediately labeled as Out of Print on both CDJapan and yesasia).

I love the album. It is very consistent all the way through. The mix of electronics keep the sound very fresh....I do admit though that it isn't as adventurous and varied as Miki's Mirror debut. ("Over You" is indeed one of my favorites)

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#14 post_url

Nov 3 12 12:54 PM

New album announced...with limited edition available for preorder;

LAMA/Modanica[Regular Edition]  CDA
2913 yen US$36/80.66  Release Date:2012/12/12
Description:Second album of LAMA.
First Press Details:bonus details is to be announced
LAMA/Modanica[w/ DVD, Limited Edition]  CDA
3200 yen US$40/80.66  Release Date:2012/12/12
Description:Second album of LAMA. Comes with a bonus DVD. *Unless otherwise indicated, DVDs are region-2 encoded (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and carry no subtitles.

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#15 post_url

Nov 15 12 3:14 PM

Covers and tracklists for album "Modanica":

Promo pic:

First Press Limited Edition (CD+DVD) cover:
Regular Edition (CD) cover:
LAMA 2nd Album "Modanica"
2012.12.12 Release

First Press Limited Edition (CD+DVD) 3360円 Ki/oon Music KSCL-2166~7
Regular Edition (CD) 3059円 Ki/oon Music KSCL-2168

CD Tracklist:
1. For You, For Me
2. White out
3. Parallel Sign
4. D.B.A.
5. Domino
6. Know Your Rights
7. Strawberry Burn
8. Dear
9. In The Darkness
10. So
11. Life
12. Namida no Umi
13. And All

DVD Tracklist:
2012.04.21 LAMA 「Ki/oon 20 Years & Days」 LIVE at LIQUIDROOM ebisu
1. Warning
2. Spell
3. Blind Mind
4. Fantasy
5. Dreamin'


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#16 post_url

Nov 16 12 12:18 AM

thanks for posting tracks/dvd content. I kind of thought it may just include 1 PV, but since I see 5 live tracks I just preordered. can't wait to see "Spell" and "Fantasy" live.

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#17 post_url

Nov 20 12 11:00 AM

The tracklists for single "Parallel Sign" is out.
The title track is the insert song for the anime "EUREKA SEVEN AO."
The coupling track "Seven Swell -based on "Niji"-" is the insert song in the final episode of "EUREKA SEVEN AO" and is a rebuild of Denki Groove's "Niji," which was used as an insert song in the final episode of the anime "Eureka seveN."
"Know Your Rights (Short Version)" is the short verison of a vocal version of the track "IFO-RA272 "Nirvash" spec-M2 <Nirvash 2>" from the "EUREKA SEVEN AO ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK 1" composed by Nakamura Koji. The full version will be on their new album ""Modanica."

"EUREKA SEVEN AO ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK 2" also by Nakamura Koji will be released on the same day as "Parallel Sign."

"Seven Swell -based on "Niji"-" Special Site:

Covers and tracklists for single "Parallel Sign":

Regular Edition (CD) cover:

Limited Pressing (CD) cover:
LAMA 3rd Single "Parallel Sign"
2012.11.28 Release

Regular Edition (CD) KSCL-2133 ¥1,250 (Tax included)
Limited Pressing (CD) KSCL-2134 ¥1,400 (Tax included)

Regular Edition (CD) Tracklist:
1. Parallel Sign
2. Seven Swell -based on "Niji"-
3. Know Your Rights (Short Version)

Limited Pressing (CD) Tracklist:
1. Parallel Sign         
2. Seven Swell -based on "Niji"-                         
3. Know Your Rights (Short Version)                         
4. Parallel Sign (Instrumental)                         
5. Seven Swell -based on "Niji"- (Instrumental)                         
6. Know Your Rights (Short Version) (Instrumental)                         
7. Parallel Sign (Acappella)                         
8. Seven Swell -based on "Niji"- (Acappella)                         
9. Know Your Rights (Short Version) (Acapella)


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