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May 15 12 10:00 PM

Yes an Ayahi album is needed! I really hope Haruka releases something along the lines of Girls, Be Ambitious

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Jul 3 12 12:39 PM

sigh when is Ayahime gonna get an album, I have a fear that it is gonna be a best-of-album.

I'm not too fond of Minako's releases but did like Kokoro Sky. I will probably get a regular edition unless they add a ton of extras like photobooks in the limited edition

BTW, here is Haruka's music video for "Yume sekai". its a really nice, summer ballad.

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Sep 12 12 8:48 PM

I'm back! I've been so busy with school so I haven't been here in a while...
Anyways, Minako debuts at #8 on Oricon!

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Mar 1 13 12:40 AM

COVERS for Ayahi's New Album are out and it is titled "Relation"!

The album is set to be released on April 17th and will contain her past 5 singles for a total of 13 tracks.

Sphere will also be releasing a new single titled "GENESIS ARIA" to released MAY 1st!

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Jul 12 13 11:11 PM

Ayahi, Aki, and Haruka will be releasing new singles!

Ayahi Takagaki - Next Destination

Haruka Tomatsu - PACHI PACHI PARTY!

Aki Toyosaki - Cheeky

Aki will also be releasing a new album as well on September 25th!

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Sep 4 13 9:00 AM

Covers and tracklist for Aki's second album "Love letters":

First Press Limited Edition (CD+DVD) cover:

Regular Edition (CD) cover:

豊崎愛生 2nd Album 「Love letters」
2013.09.25 Release

[First Press Limited Edition]  (CD+DVD)   SMCL-310~311   ¥3,500 (Tax included)
◇ Love letter's book (accordion fold booklet)
◇ Prize campaign application form (Application period: 2013.09.25 (Wed) 10:00 JST until 2013.09.30 (Mon) 23:59 JST)

[Regular Edition]  (CD)   SMCL-312   ¥3,000 (Tax included)
First Press: Prize campaign application form (Application period: 2013.09.25 (Wed) 10:00 JST until 2013.09.30 (Mon) 23:59 JST)
CD Tracklist:
1. See You Tomorrow
[作詞・作曲・編曲: Rie fu]
(Lyrics, Composition, and Arrangement: Rie fu)

2. music (アルバムmix)  (music (Album mix))
[作詞: つじあやの  /  作曲: ミト  /  編曲: よだれ虫オールスターズのみなさん]
(Lyrics: Tsuji Ayano  /  Composition: mito  /  Arrangement: Yodaremushi All Stars no Mina-san)

3. CHEEKY -clover mix-
[作詞・作曲: 安藤裕子  /  編曲: 山本隆二]
(Lyrics and Composition: Ando Yuko  /  Arrangement: Yamamoto Ryuji)

4. さすらいの迷える仔猫  (Sasurai no Mayoeru Koneko)
[作詞・作曲・編曲: whoo]
(Lyrics, Composition, and Arrangement: whoo)

5. ただいま、おかえり  (Tadaima, Okaeri)
[作詞: 古屋真  /  作曲: 藤谷一郎  /  編曲: 渡辺剛]
(Lyrics:  Furuya Shin  /  Composition: Fujiya Ichiro  /  Arrangement: Watanabe Takeshi)

6. パタパ  (Patapa)
[作詞・作曲・編曲: 田村歩美]
(Lyrics, Composition, and Arrangement: Tamura Ayumi)

7. LiLi A LiLi
[作詞・作曲・編曲: Chara]
(Lyrics, Composition, and Arrangement: Chara)

8. シロツメクサ  (Shirotsumekusa)
[作詞: 千葉はな  /  作曲: 市川和則  /  編曲: 塚本亮]
(Lyrics:  Chiba Hana  /  Composition: Ichikawa Kazunori  /  Arrangement: Tsukamoto Ryo)

9. フリップ フロップ  (Flip Flop)
[作詞・作曲・編曲: sasakure.UK]
(Lyrics, Composition, and Arrangement: sasakure.UK)

10. リンゴのせい  (Ringo no Sei)
[作詞: 工藤順子  /  作曲・編曲: 小西昭次郎]
(Lyrics: Kudo Junko  /  Composition and Arrangement: Konishi Shojiro)

11. オリオンとスパンコール  (Orion to Spangle)
[作詞: 古屋真  /  作曲: 大沢圭一  /  編曲: 関淳二郎, 大沢圭一]
(Lyrics: Furuya Shin  /  Composition: Oosawa Keiichi  /  Arrangement: Seki Junjiro, Oosawa Keiichi)

12. true blue
[作詞: 原田郁子  /  作曲: 永積崇  /  編曲: ミト]
(Lyrics: Harada Ikuko  /  Composition: Nagazumi Takeshi  /  Arrangement: mito)

13. letter writer
[作詞・作曲: 田淵智也  /  編曲: 関淳二郎]
(Lyrics and Composition: Tabuchi Tomoya  /  Arrangement: Seki Junjiro)

DVD Tracklist:
1. letter writer Music Clip
2. Making of "Love letters"


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#96 post_url

Apr 28 14 6:10 PM

Sphere is releasing a new album and single!

In addition Ayahi will be releasing a new single this May as well.

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