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Jul 29 11 11:29 PM

the LET ME DO single is quite okay, not as bad as i expected.

and it''s still selling quite well for a non anime-tie-in single

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Oct 15 11 8:56 PM

babyhh wrote:

Ayahi's going to release a cover mini album in November. The 3 cover songs in her previous 3 singles will be included in this with 4 new ones.

Well i'm mot really interested in her covers but i'll give it a try
I was kinda hoping for an album with no cover songs smiley: frown

but I guess it shouldn't be so bad, I'll def give it a shot

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Nov 13 11 10:28 PM

Ayahi Takagaki is releasing a

4枚目シングルリリース決定! (2011.11.10)

タイトル:「Meteor Light」


The song is called "Meteor Light" and its being released on Feb. 8th. Its being used as the ending song for the same anime Nana Mizuki is in.

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Mar 21 12 6:06 AM

I can't believe its going to be 3 years (in about a month) since they debuted as a group! I honestly didn't think they would last that long, seiyuu groups don't last as long

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Apr 29 12 11:03 PM

oh 3rd album. They announce it sooner than I expected

Hope the new songs will be good, coz I am really not impressive with their singles in this era (only like Hazy and Non stop road)

Time for Ayahi 1st album too. And when will Haruka release new single? Hope they won't ignore her too long .

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