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Apr 15 12 11:26 AM


It really does, they need to change it lol

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Jun 6 12 7:09 AM

Hot Damn! ^^ I'm excited even though I haven't played RE since 2 b/c the controls just got too annoying for me. Did zero so technically up to there and tried 4 but was horrible at it. Gameplay-wise though.... It's cool to see them bring all these stories to a point together. Chris vs Leon (plz Chris shoot him dead lol) And Ada Wong #hbic but why do they want to destroy the world #idk

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Jul 3 12 9:27 PM

Played through the demo and it's not bad at all! The camera work could use some work though, but Jack and Leon's campaigns seem very promising! Also, Ada campaign is confirmed thanks to hackers. 

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Oct 12 12 7:20 AM

So out of curiousity I decided to sit through all 3 campaigns (Jake's, Chris' and Leon's... with a bit of Ada's) to see what the franchise has become and can I just say that the old survival horror game is dead and burried lol.

What takes place instead is non-stop ACTION, Michael Bay style. All guns blazing, redonkulous acrobatics and hilariously unbelievable cut scenes... Which... I actually quite enjoy lmao. Resident Evil no more, it's Call of Duty for Chris' campaign lol complete with all the glorious trashtalk. It's a bit surreal that I'm actually watching a Resident Evil game and had to remind myself that the opponents are "zombies" but who the hell cares they all get blown up anyways.

Obviously if you're a fan of the early games you are bound to be disappointed but I really enjoy this, it's like watching an action thriller with a bit of horror twist sprinkled here and there. I have to say that Japanese games have come A LOONG way from being wooden in terms of its delivery and story-telling but the voice actors who lent their talents in the game REALLY impressed me. Troy Baker, the man never disappoints, as Jake gave an impressive performance, so did the rest of the casts who, while at times had to work with wooden dialogues and not to mention extraordinary scenarios, managed to breathe real-life ingenuity to the characters. I probably haven't experienced much games with English dubbing but example like this should put the debate of "English voices ruining Japanese masterpieces" to rest. Bravo to English "seiyuu's" indeed and I can't imagine the characters of RE6 being voiced any other way.

And oh, they did some good research on the settings in the game. Particularly impressed with the details of the alleys of "Hong Kong" and their stint in "China" . Because I only watch and not play the game, I can't comment on the gameplay itself. Some of the campaign objectives are rather pointless, drawn out and a bit mini-game-ish though sitting here from a watcher's perspective, the story may not make much sense but boy, I NEED this RE in film and not some Milla Jovovich B-class thriller.

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Oct 12 12 4:42 PM

Love it. I just find the co-op in this game the best I have ever experienced its just fun playing with friends. I like the different campaigns bringing together one story, however I thought the story as a whole was one of the weakest in the franchise. Looking forward to more DLC and I don't know if I can be bothered to play through on professional it was so frustrating for me earlier without a human partner lol. The extra modes are a great addition to and the website interactivity could be potentionally great. Don't understand the hate for the game.

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Oct 12 12 5:24 PM

I dont think I would really enjoy it cause I knew that even if my favorite character (Ada) will be in this game, I would not enjoy it. RE4 and RE5 were good, but both of them (less RE4 and more RE5) really took a huge step down from what the series was made out to be: survival horror game. I dont know why the hell they went ahead to change something that never needed to be fixed in the first place. I really think that comes the next game (RE7) I think I would not even bother to read up on it, the true essence of Resident Evil died with the birth of RE4, too bad the original series would never be "resurrected" like zombies were in the RE remake (which was great by the way) I guess I will just stick with the classics.

As for the movies, the 1st and recent one were probably the worst for me. I did love the recent one for the fact that both Ada and Jill were in this movie, and they really did a wonderful job portraying their respective characters. But I think sadly that if it were not for them, the movie would have probably been the worst one in the series. I did not like the idea of the clones of her past allies, the actor who played Leon did a horrible job portraying his character, and the whole "being under ground the whole movie" was already done in the first movie, the actions scenes were great but I think I am just plain sick and tired of seeing Alice all of the time, not to mention her repeated attempts to saying "My name is Alice" I think we know who you are by now...

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