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Feb 15 12 6:54 PM

The true essence of Resident Evil is dead.

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Feb 20 12 6:53 PM

Wow I just came back to this thread, glad I am not the only fan who thinks this way! I heard that Revelations does bring back what the series had but I cant be bothered to get a 3DS at the moment (the 3D effect hurts my eyes too much and I hate the colors that the systems come in, lol).

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Feb 21 12 9:16 AM

^lol @ mitsu.

I can't remember the last time I could actually "play" a resident evil game. The last one I played was Code Veronica, but the last one I beat was pt. 2... and now they are whoring the hell out Leon. I want my Claire/ Sherry Birkin goddamnit!

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Feb 21 12 11:32 AM

Sherry Birkin would be great, she had to deal with this since an early age. I am starting to get so annoyed by Chris and Leon now, they are just used way too much, where are the other people? And now they have another CGI coming out with Leon in it.

I miss the way Chris looked in the remade version of Resident Evil, he was so sexy, now he just looks like he is on steroids.

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Feb 22 12 10:32 AM

It isnt? I am so glad to hear that, Ashley was so annoying.

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Feb 23 12 2:05 PM

Playing through Revelations, I'm so over both Chris and Jill. Personally I would have liked a game with Sheva,Rebecca,Sherry and Claire...

Stop introducing all these new characters no one will give a shit about!!!!! lol

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Feb 23 12 3:30 PM

We'd give a shit about half of them if they all just didn't survive the games they came from, then of course they would never have to appear in another game lol.
And it seems for the most part everyone is interested in getting more female characters, or is it just me?

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Mar 20 12 7:47 PM

I'm so glad I didn't buy RE:ORC!

I've heard it's REALLY BAD. So bad, if you're not playing with friends it's even worse. The AI is god awful.

So far, Metacritic scores so far are really bad.... :/

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Mar 22 12 1:08 AM

its really not that bad. I'm happy with it. If you're expecting a fun multiplayer romp in raccoon city, you'll get it.

I understand they made the AI step back a bit so you're involved with the game, but yeah, its pretty bad. The game is pretty fun with Friends though, which is how it's meant to be played.

Glitches are there, but nothing that'll break the game. 
Single player campaign is kinda short. Things are starting to get repetitive too.

Cover system kinda sucks, but this isn't Gears of War. It sucks that you can't hop over barricades, tho. 

5 being average, i give it a 6/10. 7/10 with friends. But, it is still not worth full price. 

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JPC Admin

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Mar 22 12 9:32 PM

The AI is horrible, to be honest. I still don't like the graphics but Four Eyes is hot, so I got it. Playing with friends is A LOT better.
Is melee OP, or what? Although it doesn't have invincibility I went through Stages 1 and 2 with mostly melee kills

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Mar 22 12 11:43 PM

played it on professional mode today. Friendly fire makes it fun  and interesting =)

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