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Sep 20 11 10:52 PM

^ Also its half off if your a Plus member

I got it, just for the nostalgia. Have not played through this game in sooooooo long. Glad im not one of those people who plays through the game like 20 times a year haha. The character models held up surprisingly well in the transition to HD. Some random things were left SD though, like the inside of cabinets and the zoom in on ammo, which is a bit weird when everything else is so sharp.

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Dec 18 11 6:40 PM

I can't wait to play this, it looks so good. I just pray that people play the game properly.

Carlos looks awkward tho... he's looking like James Sunderland and his character model looks like its way less detailed then the others.

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Dec 22 11 12:58 PM

The characters look a little awkward. As in, the animators tried to duplicate the likenesses (of previous RE games) but didn't have time to add in more detail... BUT, they have ample amount of time until the release. Maybe they'll fine tune the graphics a bit more. Who knows

I'll think about getting this (I'm already getting Mass Effect 3, coming out a day before my birthday ). Though my internet is wacky, I may not play this online (assuming I am getting my account back online... or just go ahead and create a new one)

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Jan 19 12 6:53 PM

So... it started great then became RE5...

Looks like they're trying a huge mix. Leon and Chris and two new characters... I wish they'd give us more Billy, Rebeca and Claire tho...


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Jan 19 12 9:29 PM

YES OMG. I JUST CAME. Trailers for both the new game and movie?! AHHHH. So excited to see Ada, Barry, AND Leon in the film. It's going to be epic. And I honestly cant wait for Resident Evil 6. Im flippin. Im seriously wondering though about Michelle Rodriguez.. those did not look like just "flashbacks." Maybe somehow her charactor is actually alive? And correct me if I'm wrong... is the song playing in the trailer a song from TRON: Legacy?...

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