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Nov 15 13 6:24 AM

She's not releasing this out to iTunes, shame.

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Dec 31 13 11:17 AM

New single released on February 26!

"Title TBA"
2014.2.26 Release

【Limited Edition】 (CD+DVD)
WPZL-30787/8 ¥1,500 (tax in)
<Limited Edition Benefits>
DVD featuring a choreography video

【Regular Edition】 (CD)
WPCL-11710 ¥1,200 (tax in)


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Jan 19 14 1:55 PM

New Single 「ゆめのはじまりんりん」

【Limited Edition】 (CD+DVD)
WPZL-30787/8/¥1,500 (tax in)
【Regular Edition】 (CD)
WPCL-11710/¥1,200 (tax in)

01. ゆめのはじまりんりん (CHINTAI CM Song)
02. スローモ (ALOOK CM Song)
03. もったいないとらんど -extended mix-
04. ゆめのはじまりんりん -instrumental-
05. スローモ -instrumental-
01. にんじゃりばんばん Choreography Video by Kyary Dancer

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Jan 21 14 7:13 PM

The song is now avaiable in full! I like it a lot, I already was addicted to the preview. It's very "normal" for a Kyary song and it sounds very emotional and just nice for me Happy that this was choosen over Slow Mo.

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Jan 22 14 1:45 PM

It's annoying because I really don't know how to romanize the title! smiley: laugh

27yo.jpg cjda.jpg

Limited Edition / Regular Edition (click to enlarge)
Love love love the covers, they're so colorful and sweet, just like the song. smiley: smile

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Feb 5 14 11:09 PM

Guys... Forget Yume no Hajimaring ring

Slow Mo... is innovative. I want songs like this from Nakata more often!!! Fav. New song from Kyary of 2013-2014 tbh. This would've made nanda collection so much better, lol.

I heard about 2:30 of it on kyarychans tumblr.. PRAYING its not just that short like Sungoi Aura basically was...


Excited for this single! even more excited to see her live in chicago in a month!

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Feb 19 14 11:00 PM

the PV is one of her best videos at all, the homage to her previous videos was beautiful. I'm pretty satisfied with this single. excited to see what comes next in her carreer after this.

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Feb 20 14 2:09 AM

The PV is nice, but kinda normal for her, although I think it's too soon to pay homage to your older videos when you've been active for only 3 years. The song is better than Mottai Night Land.

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