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Sep 9 13 7:32 PM

^ OH wow, congratulations you don't say that on the internet very often!

OMG, CHICAGO. I'm in Misouri. I am so Freaking skipping school to go see her live!! I wonder when tickets go on sale!

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Sep 9 13 9:49 PM

From the comment video and its description [link]:

Ticket info. (USA & Canada)
Pre-Sale: Sept 12 (10am-10pm Local Time)  PASSWORD: CANDY
On-Sale: Sept 13 (Noon Local Time)
*VIP Tickets Available including M&G

Seattle -- Showbox at the Market -- February 13
Buy Tickets:

San Francisco -- Regency Ballroom -- February 15
Buy Tickets:

Los Angeles -- Club Nokia -- February 16
Buy Tickets:

Chicago --House of Blues -- March 5
Buy Tickets:

Toronto -- Sound Academy -- March 7
Buy Tickets:

New York -- Best Buy Theater -- March 8
Buy Tickets:

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Oct 2 13 12:05 PM

Promo pic, covers, and tracklist for new single "もったいないとらんど":

Promo pic:

First Press Limited Edition (CD+DVD) cover:

Regular Edition (CD) cover:

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ 7th Single 「もったいないとらんど」  (Mottai Night Land)
2013.11.06 Release

[First Press Limited Edition]  (CD+DVD)   WPZL-30735/6   ¥1,500 (Tax included)
[Regular Edition]  (CD)   WPCL-11644   ¥1,200 (Tax included)

CD Tracklist:
1. もったいないとらんど  (Mottai Night Land)
2. すんごいオーラ  (Sungoi Aura)
3. にんじゃりばんばん -extended mix-  (Ninja Re Bang Bang -extended mix-)
4. もったいないとらんど -instrumental-
5. すんごいオーラ -instrumental-

DVD Tracklist: もったいないとらんど ふりつけビデオ by きゃりーダンサー  ("Mottai Night Land" Choreography Video by Kyary Dancers)


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Oct 4 13 6:10 PM

2 min cut performance of the song I like it. The verses sound like a mix between cute and scary and the chorus is just catchy, especially in the fast parts :3 Im ordering it .. L.E. comes with POSTER + CHOREOGRAPHY DVD so gonna actually use the contents of a L-E. JPOP single release for the first time in a LONG while haha xD

Sungoi Aura sounds interesting - As long as its as good as Unite Unite or better, i wont mind. Id prefer its not super super cutesy but whatever. 

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Oct 4 13 8:34 PM

^ Thats quite peculiar... unless u just really dislike the music xD

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Oct 5 13 1:21 PM

not feeling the new song this time :/ I expected something more scary/dark like Fashion Monster, not so childish again.

but I got my hopes up for the bside song though.

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uncle Jemima

Posts: 3,986

パン・ダ marinopp

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Oct 5 13 2:26 PM

ShunShunRikka3 wrote:
^ Thats quite peculiar... unless u just really dislike the music xD

i don't really dislike it, i'm just not really into it anymore. i liked invader invader a lot though.

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Oct 23 13 8:16 PM


Its really really good imo.

Her best since PonPonPon.

Dat anime sequence xD

I see unborde gave her the budget she deserves now seeing how well Nanda Collection did.

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Oct 24 13 3:42 AM

Oh, god, I love when her PVs make me say "WTF!?" couple of times xD
The songs is only okay though, not on par with Nanda Collection singles. Hope the b-side are better for me.

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Oct 24 13 6:46 AM

Agreed, that was her best PV in a while, at least since Fashion Monster. The song's not that good and probably her weakest after quite a string of great A-sides (bar Furisodeshon for me). Sungoi Aura (isn't it the B-side of this single?) is OK...

God this girl is such a hit and miss lol.

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Nov 14 13 2:41 PM

I just got my single and realized this is her first single without special packaging!! I loved looking through all the cool pics on the single So sad that she stopped that

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