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uncle Jemima

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パン・ダ marinopp


Jun 15 11 4:44 PM

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image image


image image

MEG - done (?)

and now may I present...

*drum roll please*


wait, who is this? KyaryPamyuPamyu is a teen fashion model with an upcoming mini-album produced by Nakata. the album doesn't have a title yet, but one track is confirmed: PONPONPON (which just so happens to be my last name three times, hehehe) which will be available in 23 iTunes stores which means you'll probably be able to buy it. what will it sound like? probably Mizca or marino, although there are a lot of upset [email protected] fans thinking Nakata's going to try to copy her music. or something like that. I don't really know. we'll just have to wait until PONPONPON leaks. in the, I don't know, celebrate? Banana

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#3 post_url

Jun 15 11 4:54 PM

She's gonna copy Saori and my Nakata following days will end.

Kinda curious about her though... Her voice is kind of bad.

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uncle Jemima

Posts: 4,000

パン・ダ marinopp

#6 post_url

Jun 15 11 5:18 PM

I tend to like bad vocalists nozomi sasaki fan right here. although I haven't heard kyary's voice...I'll have to search some videos.

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#9 post_url

Jun 18 11 6:28 PM

There's a little preview of PONPONPON on NicoNico. I must say, I... Actually kind of like it. It's MEG-ish, but her voice isn't as strange as MEG's can be sometimes. Which surprises me, because she's sounded awful before and I don't hear all that much vocoder here. Though the lyrics are just plain atrocious.

She hasn't gone Saori on us yet, so the Saori stan in me can legitimately enjoy her now, even if she's a bit too... Cute. But who wasn't expecting that anyway.

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#10 post_url

Jun 18 11 9:02 PM

or download the mp3 rip here

way way pon way pon way way ~
ugh i'm not supposed to like this. her styling looks kind of skyary to me.

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#11 post_url

Jun 19 11 12:08 PM

It's definitely on the same vein on STEP MEG era, but on the cuter side. I'll wait until I hear the full version before I fully judge.

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#14 post_url

Jul 1 11 6:36 PM

You're all probably aware, but just updating the thread with the news.

  • Title of mini-album is もしもし原宿 (Moshi moshi Harajuku; Hello, Harujuku).
  • Will feature six tracks (subject to change).
  • Limited editions of the album will come with a photobook.
  • Possibly covering capsule's "Jelly"?
Tentative tracklist:
1. きゃりーのマーチ
2. チェリーボンボン
4. ちょうどいいの
5. ピンポンがなんない
6. Jelly

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#19 post_url

Jul 10 11 4:55 AM

She just caught my attention when I read that Nakata will produce her mini-album.
PONPONPON really sounds great! It's so catchy and the PV looks great.
I'm going to buy PONPONPON when I can buy it in my country. ^^

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#20 post_url

Jul 10 11 2:33 PM

fav zipper model ponx3 is amazing etc.

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