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Dec 14 11 7:54 AM

It'll probably only have 10 tracks though. But interesting tour? From a 10 date Zepp tour to this... and what's weird is she's doing Budoukan but in Osaka she's doing a small hall

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Dec 26 11 12:25 AM

3 ハピネス   
4 アンバランス  
6 w/u   
7 ユメノムコウ  
8 ウツクシキモノ  
9 Letter In The Sky
^ temp. tracklist, 10 tracks expected, 4 tie-ups, listed at most shops now.

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Jan 5 12 8:17 AM


03. ハピネス(コカ・コーラ2011クリスマスキャンペーンソング)
04. アンバランス
06. w / u 【読み方:ウィズ・ユー】
07. ユメノムコウ
08. One Love (森永製菓「1チョコ for 1スマイル」CMソング)
09. ウツクシキモノ(映画『ベルセルク 黄金時代篇Ⅰ 覇王の卵』エンディング・テーマ)
10. Letter In The Sky feat. The Jacksons (マイケル・ジャクソン トリビュート・ライブ テーマソング)


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Jan 5 12 8:36 AM

Love it! Interesting to see her go for a more feminine look for a change. Haven't seen this exact style on her before, I don't think.

One Love is featured in a CM for Morinaga Dars. AI is part of a special campaign, '1 Chocolate for 1 Smile', where they are donating to help children of Ghana (which they refer to as the 'Country of Cacao', due to Ghana supplying such a large portion of the world's cocoa) receive new schools. A special message from AI about this campaign can also be found on the site.
I like the song, but it's very generic..... But most charity and such related songs are, lol. Whatever.

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Feb 19 12 8:51 AM

The song with Chris Brown is terrible, he sucks tbh. Independent Woman, in other hand, is great. It sounds like something that could have been a hit in the US about 4 years ago.

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Feb 19 12 2:09 PM

sin9hyaku90 wrote:
Is the Diggy Mo + Chris Brown song she's featured on a mixtape thing (?) Because there is definitely a version with only them two (as in no AI)
Omfg, you scared the shit out of me. This doesn't have Diggy MO', it's Diggy Simmons. I think I'd die if Diggy MO' did something like this. T_T; Anyhow...I know that AI desperately wants to make it in the U.S., but I wish that she'd never do these sorts of songs. Epitome of shit. -_- Independent Woman is a perfect example of obviously catering to the sell-out industry of U.S. music, but still keeping some class. It's not my style, but it's not bad.

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Feb 19 12 7:25 PM

^ I personally disagree with the notion that her releasing a song in the style that is popular in the West is any more selling out than her releasing mid-tempo barely-R&B ballads after another to cater to the Japanese audiences. Girl's gotta eat too, she's not popular enough on her own to just release the type of music she wants... if you want to be an Urban artist in Japan, you have to release typical ballads. If you want to be popular in the US, you (also) have to release that kind of music. Same type of thing, really ; )

(Not implying she doesn't want to make either type of music, though... just saying that even if she didn't want to, she'd still have to, probably)

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