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Jul 31 13 3:37 PM

^ I agree. INDEPENDENT was so strong as a whole package IMO (if a bit short), and this one falls slightly short of that. Having said that, though, I like it a LOT. Definitely up there with her best, I'd say!

And VOICE is, IMO, still the best song she's ever released and one of the contenders for mainstream J-Pop song of the year.

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Sep 27 13 11:18 AM

Here's Get Your Hands Up. According to JASRAC, it was written by Carlos Jenkins and Joseph Macklin, the same team that did After the Storm, For You and Top of the World.

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Nov 9 13 5:15 AM

Oh god, talk about milking it dry.

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Apr 1 15 8:00 AM


Today, R&B singer AI took to social media to announce her pregnancy. She revealed the happy news via her Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. She thanked everyone and wished happiness to the world. She also posted a picture of a blossoming cherry blossom tree. Her management further revealed that the singer is about 5 months pregnant. AI married her boyfriend of 10 years, HIRO of Kaiki Gesshoku, last January. We wish the couple the best on this joyous occasion!


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Sep 3 15 10:36 PM

AI Announces Comeback Now That Child Is Born

AI has announced her return from hiatus with the release of a new album and a tour in the works.

AI's upcoming album will be a best-of album titled "THE BEST". It will be released on November 25 with 18 tracks. The album will be a celebration of her 15 year anniversary since debuting.

In addition to her album, AI has also announced that she will be going on tour next year. Starting on May 7, the singer will be embarking on a nationwide tour with 24 performances.

AI announced her comeback the same day that her husband HIRO announced the birth of their child. For the past 2 years, the singer has been on hiatus as she tried to get pregnant and have a baby.


Great news!

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Sep 4 15 6:21 AM

I would prefer new material. Hope we'll get a least a new song on this best. I feel like the last one wasn't that long ago. Besides, she only had 6 singles after the last one, not that many to build on.

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Sep 5 15 8:53 AM

Congratulations AI!

For the BEST, it'll probably contain a bunch of collaborations she's been doing these past few years to compensate for the lack of singles.

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Sep 10 15 10:17 AM

1. ハピネス
3. ママへ
5. Wavin' Flag -Coca-Cola(R) Celebration Mix-Version AI-
7. One Love
8. Letter in the sky feat. The Jacksons
9. I'll Remember You
10. After the storm feat. シェネル
11. STRONGER feat. 加藤ミリヤ
12. FAKE feat. 安室奈美恵
13. sogood
15. My Friend
16. Believe
17. Story
18. Story (English Version)

No new songs.

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Jan 7 16 10:05 PM

I got an e-mail from CD Japan AI is having another collaboration with EXILE ATSUSHI called No more coming out March 9th.

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