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Rose In The Ghetto


Jun 13 11 8:10 PM

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[JPOP] AI switches labels

AI has announced a label change today. She will now be with EMI Music Japan. Although no new activities have been announced as of now, she has mentioned her 10th anniversary became a turning point, and she desires to step forward onto a new stage.

^ Thanks to another truth from our JPOP NEWS section.

I don't really want to be AI's thread owner, but I do want her thread back alive in JPC!

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#1 post_url

Jun 13 11 10:33 PM

AIIIIII~! I was sooo close to starting her thread, especially after hearing the news of her label switch, but I really hate starting threads, hah.

Anyhow, I have so much hope for her with EMI! Also, I am in LOVE with the collab she did with Miho Fukuhara. One of her best songs, especially of recent, and definitely one of her best collaborations.

Oh, and she IS doing something new, actually. Not too long ago, she said on her facebook that she'd been working in the studio, and then the other day, I got news of a new single for ZEEBRA, BLUE feat. AI. So pumped to hear what just the two of them will do together. ^^

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uncle Jemima

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パン・ダ marinopp

#2 post_url

Jun 14 11 1:00 AM

thanks for starting this thread! I thought of it but kept forgetting to.
someone mentioned that she's working on an English album. anyone know anything about that?

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#3 post_url

Jun 14 11 5:14 AM

She's really been active in featuring recently, though, with her appearing on Love You Need You from The Bawdies, and O2 from Miho Fukuhara. I'm sure I forgot a few others as well.

EDIT: There was also Wonder Woman, of course.

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#4 post_url

Jun 14 11 11:37 AM

^ Plus one with JAMOSA, and the new one with ZEEBRA. And all of the ones that she did for her last album, of course. Really makes me wonder if she's gonna release a collaboration album in the near future again. She has to, right? So many songs would go to waste for her..... Either that, or she'd have her next studio album full of 'feat. AI' songs, which may as well be a featuring album, anyhow, hah. But yeah, if she does release another collab album soon, at least this one will be really good! ^^'

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#7 post_url

Jun 14 11 9:37 PM

^ .................*looks it up* Oh, damn, you're right. For some reason, I was thinking that it was from around a year ago is all. Maybe because I never listen to it and just recently remembered it, hahah. ^.^' My bad. But the rest is definitely recent, ya. XP

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#10 post_url

Jul 12 11 7:44 PM

Song is okay. Will probably grow on me some. I was really hoping for something upbeat and heavier, but I figured that we'd get a more mainstream (ZEEBRA's singles are always so radio friendly) and mid-tempo track, so whatever. ZEEBRA looks dumb as fuck (as he has for about a year now or something--he really needs to change his hair -_-), but AI looked really good in this one, especially with the short hair (love that cut and colour combination on her, so I hope that it stays for a while longer).

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#11 post_url

Jul 17 11 3:17 PM

I heard that AI is working on a cross-over album to break into the U.S. market.
The album will be in English and if she gets play we'll be hearing her on radio stations here in the near future.

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#12 post_url

Jul 18 11 3:18 PM

^ Do you have a source for that, or is it just a rumour...? Because fans have been speculating that since before her last album was released, but, as far as a I know, we have no real, solid proof of a U.S. debut at the moment.

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uncle Jemima

Posts: 4,000

パン・ダ marinopp

#13 post_url

Jul 19 11 12:12 AM

I don't think there's any proof, but didn't AI say so herself? I may be mistaken, but I thought she did announce something like that.

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#14 post_url

Jul 19 11 10:08 PM

^ I know that AI has said at least once or twice something about how winning a Grammy is pretty much her biggest dream, and she's made it obvious that she'd like to break out in, I assume, the U.S. market, but she's never made an official statement telling us that she's actually going to attempt it, I don't believe. But I'm honestly not 100% sure, so that's why I'm wondering if somebody has a source that can give us a sure statement about it. *shrug*

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#16 post_url

Oct 9 11 10:22 AM
single, "Letter In The Sky feat. The Jacksons" 12.14
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Get Up [Remix] feat. ZEEBRA/SPHERE
Butterfly feat. Anty the 紅乃壱/Anna Tsuchiya/PUSHIM Still… feat. AK-69
STRONGER feat. 加藤ミリヤ
Wavin' Flag
So Special feat. ATSUSHI from EXILE
Through the fire with Chaka Khan
One More Try feat. Chaka Khan

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#19 post_url

Oct 12 11 11:14 AM

Meh, don't like the new song..... Also, on her international facebook, she had been hyping us up for some 'exciting news!!' for a while, but it was just the Jackson thing....which I thought we all already knew about for, like, a year now, lol. But whatever. Good for her. It is an honour. Excited for the double A-side single news, though. And that promo picture is incredible!

Also, I officially am in love with Blue. Took a while, but it was worth the patience, I think. :3 Anybody else think that it's one of her best songs in a while, and one of ZEEBRA's best in general?

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#20 post_url

Oct 12 11 6:44 PM

I like her part and the song in general. I think ZEEBRAs falling off a bit I dunno, he's been pretty quiet, so that's probably why you feel its his best in a while lol.
Not sure if you read the comments but people are funny as hell. Most of them are like "He's selling out b/cuz he's rapping with a woman singer." And yes, I can think of a long, long, LONG list of all these faux-urban acts that are doing collabs of a similar vein, but I find this one a bit different. But who woulda thought ZEEBRA had a heart for the planet earth? hahahaha.

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