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Apr 14 11 12:58 AM

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I saw that there wasn't one of these here yet, so I figured I might as well make one!

Anyways. Post here with a summary of your interests if you are shopping for new series to follow. Or heck, post here if there is a series that just blows your mind that you feel everyone should at least know about (make sure to include synopsis).

Alternatively, this is also the place to get a second opinion if you saw a cool tankoubon in the bookstore and wanted to know general public opinion towards the series.
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Apr 14 11 7:47 PM

I want a new manga! comedy, maybe adventure type or something? but nothing that has loads of chapters and will be really hard to catch up on.

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May 3 11 8:35 PM

I just saw the first episode of Showa Monogatari and I like it. It's a "historical, slice-of-life" taking place in Japan during the Showa period (mid 1960s.) A little boy in fifth grade is the main character and we see his daily life with his family which includes his mom, dad, older brother and sister, and grandmother, as well 2 of his father's friends. It seems like a light-hearted show that's good for the whole family to watch. Nothing too exciting happens, but it still managed to interest me. Even though I'm not Japanese, I can still relate to the boy and his family's troubles and situations as a Korean American.

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May 3 11 11:36 PM

If anyone is looking for a quick comedy, WORKING!! should fit the bill. Actually, you could also watch Panty & Stocking if you're okay with sex+other stuff, haha.

For random adventure/drama... maybe Macross Frontier or Romeo x Juliet?

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May 4 11 12:34 AM

Ryo wrote:
Tiger&Bunny is a great anime, it worths to watch
+1, it's very entertaining.

Anyone who hasn't watched Madoka Magica, I would highly recommend doing so. It reminds me somewhat of Eva, in the way it takes a genre and inverts it in many ways; for Eva it was mech, for Madoka it's magical girl.

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May 4 11 1:04 AM

Mindfuck Madoka~

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May 13 11 10:47 AM

What about that new Shaft show, Denpa Onna?  

Blood-C, aka Blood-CLAMP sounds like it could be a good show.

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#11 post_url

Jun 1 11 2:02 AM

^ I've seen the first episode, it didn't interest me too much, despite being funny.

I think I'm becoming a Madoka fangirl, the more I think about the series, the more I love it, despite the unpleasing ending.

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Nov 1 11 4:33 PM

Recently I'm watching "bokura ga ita" anime. I'm reading the manga first and then watch the episode.
I recommended this for whom loves the romantic anime.

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Dec 4 11 4:07 AM

How violent is Samurai Champloo? It interests me, but I'm not a fan of over-the-top violence. Evangelion and Mononoke Hime are probably the most violent animes I've seen, and even some moments in those are a little hard for me to stomach.

I bought the BD set on a whim because it was going for a pretty low price, but I'm trying to decide if I should watch it or just return it.

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Dec 4 11 4:13 AM

^IIRC not really. There is some blood splats from the occasional swordfights. I'd strongly recommend watching it, if not for the overall aesthetic/artistic direction - it's refreshing and captivating at the same time, especially with the witty humour and references and good plot to boot. It's not a series that prides itself on gory violence I would say, there is some towards the end but don't let it discourage you. It's seriously one of the best animes I've watched in my life.

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Dec 4 11 4:30 AM

^ Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I think I'll try it. If it isn't to my liking, I can probably trade it in and manage to keep the loss to a minimum.

The artistic direction, plus the concept of the samurai + hip hop is what really intrigues me... Also, I love Nujabes (R.I.P.) so, that's also a plus, of course.

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Dec 4 11 7:45 AM

^NP! I hold the series in quite a high regard and I hope you'd enjoy it too! I'm actually interested in what people think about it so if you have the chance, it'd be much appreciated to let us know what you think hehe

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May 30 14 5:59 AM

Thought I'd revive this post because I am also looking for new anime to watch from time to time. I just started Haikyu!! (I recommended it lol), and I have "Kill La Kill" and "No Game No Life" on my wait list.

[These are all anime f.y.i., but I suppose they're all based off of a manga first (except the movie one)]

I hope I'm not posting some really obvious anime choices, but I thought these would be good as a starting point for anyone just getting into anime, since I wasn't much of an anime advocate until I watched Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood quite recently (about 3-4 months ago). I definitely still have a lot to watch, just started One Piece, which most people would probably think is one of the best manga/anime out there. Thought I'd share five of the better anime (aside from Fullmetal Alchemist --- things is, if you watch this first like I did, you'll have a hard time finding something as amazing after) I have watched since and give both an opinion on the series and a short synopsis.

Gintama | Comedy, action, sci-fi
OPINION: Be prepared to laugh your guts out ... for 250+ episodes. 
The series is situated in Edo (now called Tokyo) in a time when samurai are becoming shunned out from being society's heroes by Amanto, alien beings that took over the Earth during a great war with the samurai. The series revolves around Gintoki Sakata, Shinpachi Shimura and Kagura, and their daily lives at the Odd Jobs office. (Note: There are also many Japanese pop culture references that are made fun of in the series, so you may need to know a bit about those references to get some of the jokes --- but most of the time, the series is hilarious.)

Haikyu!! | Sports, high school, drama, slice of life, comedy
OPINION: A new series right now, even if you're not into sports, the characters and the story keeps the anime vividly alive.
A story of a junior-high school student named Hinata Shouyou wanting to achieve his dreams of becoming a volleyball ace after being inspired by watching a fateful game on television where the star player of the Karasuno high school team was dubbed the "little giant". He manages to start a male volleyball club in his junior high school (volleyball was not popular in his junior high school) and enters a tournament, where he faces Kageyama Tobio and his team, a top-of-the-league team and loses the game by a landslide. Hinata aims to defeat Kageyama in the future, but ironically finds himself to be on the same team with Kageyama when he enters Karasuno High School.

Silver Spoon (Gin no Saji) | Slice of life, high school, agriculture, comedy
OPINION: An inspiring tale for high school dreamers who are too afraid to achieve their dreams, always makes you feel better after watching it. I've also learned a lot about agriculture from watching the anime. The manga author is the same as that of Fullmetal Alchemist.
Story revolves around Hachiken Yugo who just joined the Yezo Agricultural High School in the country from attending junior high in Sapporo as he didn't have strong enough grades to enter a "better" high school. There, he meets people who are all determined to achieve their goals, all in relation to agriculture in some way (i.e. taking over their parents' farms), but Hachiken realizes he doesn't really have something that passionate and tries to find what his passion is to streamline his studies to that goal. 

Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) | Apocalypse, action, drama, tragedy, death
OPINION: The first episode already throws you into the action, and you immediately sense the tension that the anime focuses on. The plot also picks up very quickly and the unanswered "why" behind all of the chaos drove me to continue watching all of the series that is out on anime and read the rest of the manga. It was definitely an intriguing experience.
Eren Yeager has always wanted to join the Survey Corps, but when his home gets attacked by Titans and his mother gets eaten by a Titan, he is more determined than ever to become one of the Survey Corps and defeat all of the Titans for good. The plot thickens as we learn more about the subjects around the tragic events, such as that of the Titans' raid on his home town, and what exactly Titans are.

Mushishi | Supernatural, fable(?)
OPINION: There's something about this series that is so ... calming to watch; something about the series that just captivates and makes me want to continue watching even though it isn't action packed or doesn't have a thick overriding plot like most anime do. It kinda reminds me of reading fables, where there is a lesson learnt after every episode. The series is also different in the sense that it contradicts the common entertainment theme of "special chosen ones who were given powers through sci-fi accidents" as a positive thing and makes it more of a consequence.
Ginko is a mushishi, a person specializing in creatures known as "mushi". They only appear to those who actively look for them or those who fear them, and are often the cause of several supernatural phenomenon. Ginko travels the country and meets several people who are victims of mushi and either begin exhibiting supernatural characteristics or are affected by others who are victims of mushi. In each episode, he attempts to unravel the mysteries behind each supernatural phenomenon, identify the mushi involved, and find a cure to the victims to allow for humans and mushi to co-exist.

Other anime I've watched worth mentioning: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Evangelion movies (1.0, 2.0, 3.0), Time of Eve (Eve no Jikan), Haruhi Suzumiya (...don't watch this imo), Steins Gate, Usagi Drop

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Aug 17 14 6:26 AM

Anyone have any suggestions for younger persons, with fairly basic Japanese patterns? I'm teaching Japanese this year and I want to show something appropriate to level one learners.

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