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May 27 11 9:32 PM

May I remind everyone that the last time the K-pop debate came up a mod said she was going to lock the thread and suspend those in the argument. So just let it go, NOW.

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

Japan and Korea has more or less the same idea about idols.* Some idols after graduating from their groups pursue acting - this is the usual case; but idols pursuing acting while active in their respective groups - this is a relatively recent, meaning a couple of years or so, trend for most idol groups in Korea (YoonA of SNSD, etc) and Japan (Maeda Atsuko of AKB48, etc). if anything, the only exception is probably JE idol groups who have always done acting and such as one of their idol works among other things.

KDrama is so much popular in Japan than KPop music is and a lot of popular Korean actors do make music releases in Japan so Jang Geun-Suk's chart achievements should not really be much of a surprise considering his popularity. CN BLUE is a Korean group that debuted in Japan first before debuting in Korea - although they established a fanbase in Japan already, it is still quite small. But in a variety show in Korea, CN BLUE's leader and SNSD / Shoujo Jidai's youngest were paired as a married couple and when they went to film in Japan - the general public recognized CN BLUE's leader BECAUSE he starred in a KDrama You're Beautiful where Jang Geun-Seuk is the lead actor. KDrama You're Beautiful is headlined by four individuals - JGS, CN BLUE's leader/vocalist, FT Island's vocalist and Park Shin-Hye who already starred in a Korean/Japan drama collaboration Tree of Heaven where it was said that she spoke fluent Japanese without accents.

anyway, JGS have been in Japan a few times for press conferences for his dramas and had fanmeetings with his Japanese fans. also, JGS already released a few digital singles in Korea used for his commercials and as sound tracks for his dramas, although not quite sure if these have the same vibe as the single he released in Japan. but definitely, based on sales - the reception of JGS being a singer is so much more appreciated in Japan than in Korea.

Regarding international fans helping to boost the weekly sales : first, SNSD's / Shoujo Jidai's releases (both the tracks and music videos) are available for digital download in Korea - Korean and international fans familiar with these might prefer it. and second, SNSD / Shoujo Jidai have a few releases (Japan debut album in June and an expensive dvd set soonish) and concert tours (SMTown in Paris in June, Japan concert tour in June/July, SMTown in Tokyo in September) lined up so... anyway, SNSD / Shoujo Jidai's recent sales in Japan have improved compared to their previous releases which is an achievement already even if they don't get #1 weekly.

seeing how the KDrama's popularity helped JGS's sales, it would be interesting how KPop idols set to debut in Japan later this year would do in the charts. recent KDrama Dream High is pretty popular both in Korea and internationally, and it's cast are all idols - miss A's youngest member, T-ara's former leader, two members from 2PM, and a KPop idol singer.

in Japan the term idol is a catch-all umbrella term, but what's meant here is idols who debuted in groups like JE groups, Hello Project groups which is pretty much how KPop idol groups are. Japan has idols/actors|actresses/singers/models but those debuted first in a field other than music and when their popularity is established then later added music.

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

big singles sales and flop album numbers are reserved for idols with little mainstream appeal. AKB will do fine, I'd say 500-600k first week.

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

seriouscatface1 wrote:
*1   11,334  徳永英明 / VOCALIST & BALLADE BEST
*2   10,786  安室奈美恵 / Checkmate!
*3   *9,835  小田和正 / どーも

*1   5,818 ぱすぽ☆ / 少女飞行
*2   3,118 MBLAQ / Your Luv
*3   2,772 チャン・グンソク / Let me cry

Well, I hope this seals the no.1 spot for PASSPO, yes?

Wow both Tokunaga and Oda have high jump on the last day! I think this is the first time in 14 days that Namie isn't at no.1.

nackar wrote:
Holy Shit! What happened to Tokunaga Hideaki's album? o.O

Did he do some special performance or promo or something?
I haven't read anything about any promo. My guess is stock issue has been a problem, but during the weekend when stores are able to fill up the shelves, fans just went and buy them. Most probably stores aren't expecting the albums to sell as well as Namie, but the sales are actually consistent and expected from both singers who actually sold a lot of their Vocalists and Best previously.

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

mac and cheese wrote:

#1 - PASSPO☆, 43k
- First debut single by a female group to top the charts since Kiroro's "Nagai Aida" in March 1998 (released in Jan 1998)
- First debut single by a female group to debut at #1 since Oricon started in Jan 1968 (not including subunits)  
Congrats Passpo
Very good job, I'm probably gonna buy myself a copy
I was kinda scared that MBLAQ was gonna get #1......
Very good for a debut, I don't think anyone was gonna think Passpo was gonna achieve the #1 spot (neither did I)

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

haha you guys are too hopeful! K8's sales are good, but 200k is nearly 95% not possible by this point. And Namie #1 for a third week is 95% not possible too, though I would love to see it gap is just too big. I really wonder how close aiko and Bump of Chicken are. I agree that they must be pretty close, and very possible BoC passed her today.



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May 27 11 9:32 PM

It's still being released on Monday in the UK though, even though sale starts on Sunday.



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May 27 11 9:32 PM

^There is no need to generalize like that. (Some Korean charts/award shows only count one version, hence the confusion)

nackar wrote:
The other website is Soundscan, which DOES seperate versions, but it doesn't scan nearly as many retailers so sales overall are much lower.

Thank-you. I was trying to remember for the longest time.

The link to the singles ranking:
They're a week behind/last week (the one with 2PM) hasn't gone up yet, but it should soon.

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

I'm glad to see Perfume selling well and NAOTO INTY RAYMI's album doing also good

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Change your avatar to 100x100 to regain it. 

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

akb48 do a great job this week for topping all these legendary musicians that i love, mr children, glay, b'z... but it is expected. Akb48 will make a new all time record for sure with this single. But, i am more interested to next week release~ All my favorite artists will release their single next week~ B'z, YUI, Mai Kuraki and JUJU, and i like BRIGHT too. Wonder when ninki for next week will be published?smiley: happy

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

seriouscatface1 wrote:
Oricon wrote:
No, my first post was missing because the forums crashed and literally my first posts of most of my posts disappeared.

How can you have almost 150 posts O_O

Hope Kimaguren doesn't flop next week :S
That's because Oricon is like literally the life of not only the Oricon thread, but of this forum, at least as of yet lol.  She's literally everywhere. 

@Oricon Oh yeah, that's another thing, I've always wondered whether you're a boy or a girl lol. 

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

babyhh wrote:
River wrote:
Has anyone have Big Bang's album's sales history?

Most people feel Namie will retain a number 1 position three weeks in a row. But I was just wondering how close will the race going to be. Thanks in advance.

Their lastest/ 1st original Japanese album "BIGBANG" (rls in 2009)
- 1st week:  27,843
- Total sales: 65,399

Their lastest single "BEAUTIFUL HANGOVER"
- 1st week: 25,46
- Total sales: 36,61

Well, with the Hallyu wave is going quite strong now, maybe their sales can go up a bit

Their label is also working hard at promoting the album, with guerilla events everywhere. We might see a rise with this album.



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May 27 11 9:32 PM

namie's 2nd week is 83,114, few thousands lower than PF's, and the total is 336,003.

kuu's Driving Hit's 3 sold 16,763 at #6.

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

soyz wrote:
KimmieMai wrote:
Hope SJJD's number will do well through the week... the midday sale for day 2 makes me nervous a bit.
Midday numbers for 2nd day are out?

The 5K midday reported earlier for both JGS and SJJD should be for the 2nd day (the 27th), if I'm not mistaken.    

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

Osiris wrote:
nackar wrote:
It's not like I was expecting Namie to BOMB, but we shouldn't forget that past<future performed below expectations for a lot of people. Many were expecting it to reach a million, or at least cross something like 700k, after Best Fiction's massive success. I'm not saying it did poorly, not at all, but when you look at the circumstances it was different than was expected. Namie's sales aren't as easy to predict as those of some others.

I was hoping for a Platinum certification, but if her sales don't go down too much she should easily reach 300k and possibly cross it.
Anyone who thought her latest studio album was going to sell as much as her long awaited best album, which happened to feature a lot of singles that her casual fans never bought, and was released at the second peak of her popularity, wasn't in touch with reality, clearly.

And let's not mention that PAST<FUTURE remained the best selling album of 2010 for 8 months and ended up being the 6th best selling album of that same year, her highest position for a studio album since Sweet 19 Blues. Let's not talk about how the sales of her studio albums have increased with each release since 2003 either. smiley: tired

As for Checkmate!, are you aware that collaboration bests don't sell much? Kuu's couldn't even shift 100k and DOUBLE's did around 150k precisely because of Namie being featured on Black Diamond!

journey wrote:
Namie's album is receiving an assload of promotion, I'm not surprised by how much it's selling

Say what?!

She hasn't appeared on TV and most of the magazine features which were supposed to coincide with the album release came out a month ago...

TV appearances don't mean a thing tbh, and IDK about magazines (because seriously that is a joke of promotion for an album). but she has been receiving ridiculous amounts of promotion on the streets. I saw at least 10 trucks driving throughout Tokyo blasting her crappy kpop collab and nearly every CD store has huge outdoor displays (we're talking like 15 feet) of her and they're playing all her music. not to mention the ridiculous amounts of billboards on buildings by every single train platform in Tokyo. I don't think I've seen such heavy promo for an album here in a long long long time.



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#97 post_url

May 27 11 9:32 PM

journey wrote:
^that is not an idol. idols are people like Disney singers, boybands and Rebecca Black. I'm not saying SNSD has no appeal but Korean idols are nothing like pop singers in the states. 95% of their fans in Korea are middle school girls or skeevy fanboys/otakus. it's not even vaguely similar to Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Ke$ha, etc. and that comparison is just hilarious

SNSD do have a wide appeal as conducted by surveys on Korea in that they appeal the most to most age ranges from teen to 60s. You clearly know nothing about SNSD lol

#98 post_url

May 27 11 9:32 PM

nackar wrote:
Does anyone have the weekly top 100?

We've only been getting the weekly top 50 for the past few weeks and I hope we won't only be getting the weekly top 30 in the future : (. (Not complaining to anyone here, of course, thankful for the hard work, just saying ^^)



#99 post_url

May 27 11 9:32 PM

Go aiko!!!!

I think these are her largest first day sales in a long time (trumps milk / Nageki no Kiss too).

#100 post_url

May 27 11 9:32 PM

Oh, I see. Both singles will surely surpass that mark, PHANTOM MINDS and Silent Bible sold 94k and 72k overall respectively. I predict around 70k overall for POP MASTER (or maybe a little less considering the lack of strong tie-ins) and somewhere between 80k-90k for SCARLET KNIGHT.

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