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May 27 11 9:32 PM

Ouch kou, ouch.

Oricon wrote:
You're saying the first day sales of Born This Way will be the end of this week (Sunday)? Who the heck planned this release at this day lol...

I'm assuming so, I don't see why they wouldn't put it in stores a day early per usual...

I'm pretty sure it's coming out that day so it comes out everywhere in the world on the same day, and I think I read on GGDaily that someone suggested Interscope are releasing it a day early in America (instead of Tuesday) to get more sales in the first week

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

You're calling me a K-Pop hater? I love K-Pop groups lmao, i'm like one of the active people on the Rest of Asia sub-forum posting on their threads. Get your facts right please. Hater in disguise..... pathetic.

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

Callandra wrote:
Hmm, I would say that more often than not, people at JPM did not know when to stop. So I'll say it: drop this stupid argument about what an idol is and stay on topic or I will lock the thread! 
MOD HAS SPOKEN! So everyone still arguing, just shut up now!

*calms down*

Really hoping for a good week second week for Kanjani8. LIFE did 23k second week, it'd be awesome if that can break the record even though first week sales is lower than LIFE.

About the NINKI, I honestly could not predict who's gonna take no.1, singles or albums. Hirai Ken hasn't had a good NINKI like this for a couple of years already, hasn't he? With a tie-in with the most popular drama in recent years, his single might have an advantage. On the other hand, I think THE ALFEE could get it as well.

And how popular Justin Bieber is in Japan? I wonder if anyone will be surprised if he gets no.1.

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

Oricon wrote:
njanjayrp wrote:

Oricon wrote:

If MBLAQ beats BEAST's first week sales and overall, i'm happy.

I want SHINee to beat 2PM, MBLAQ, BEAST's first week and overall sales. I wonder how much will 2PM and SHINee sell, is there hype in their debut in Japan?

LOL it seems they spend more time coming up with all those retarded names than the actual songs. Why would there be any hype if no one else besides their fans know who they are yet? O.o
Just really stop commenting on K-Pop groups, you clearly dislike K-Pop in general. You really think J-Pop names are any better? And why would no-one know them? They are probably getting some banner promotions and TV etc.

Or you could stop mentioning them all the time? If you wanna know if SHINee has promotion in Japan go do it in their thread or open up a freaking blog. This is where we discuss sales not promotion. And I didn't say the j-ones are any better, but we weren't talking about that's beyond the point.

edit: has anyone else noticed how posts appear and disappear?

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Return Road Episode II

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

toLOVE29 wrote:
If the Island group person get number 1 weekly watch. Allkpop will be put out another drama saying K-pop is officially worldwide popular because 2 groups have received number 1 weekly beating the J-pop artist. But seriously if my 48 whores (akb) or one of the johnny boys release an album or single on last week & this week none of those k-pop artist will be getting number 1. Just to tell yall first I'm not hating cause those albums would only be (in number 1 or 2) for one week then disappear the next.
So? Plenty of fandoms do that even Jpop fans especially JEers and AKBers. It's funny that some jpop fans always try to use the " If AKB or JE release something, kpop wouldn't stand a chance..." trump card when those 2 groups are beating everyone (including those in their own company) on the charts since their popularity is earth-shattering there atm. If it weren't for them, the sales in the Jpop industry would be very very disappointing.  And what you're imagining is so far off the mark of how Allkpop report their news that it's funny. The fact that many thought the Hallyu wave was going to end as fast as it came in makes their achievements all the more impressive. Your response makes you seem very bitter and I'm probably right.

Fine then lets talk about the divas. If a diva release something on those days I'm pretty sure that is no problem to them. Also the Jpop industry is pretty good without those Kpop artist. Even though they might not sell as much as back in the days, but they still seems to sell the most across Asia. Also I use to like Kpop a lot a few years ago, but ever since they begin to sound more and mor elike western music I begin losing interest in them. And I'm pretty sure after a few more years the Kpop wave will die out again. 

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

kawaiinanami wrote:
I don't think she'll be able to reach the 60k mark in this first week, but SCARLET KNIGHT is very likely to outsell PHANTOM MINDS's 1st week. Maybe somewhere around 55-56k ^.^
I ment overall. =)


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May 27 11 9:32 PM

journey wrote:
MBLAW are still flops. just bc someone increases on their second day doesn't mean they're not lol. those sales are from their flop fan event anyway. and irregardless, they're flops for life in Korea ns2s.

I found that it's best to ignore Oricon's posts as s/he gets lost in numbers and random names that usually, but not always, also contain numbers

Ku's Driving Hits 3 at #8 today. Wonder if it'll actually beat one of the ayu-mix 7 cds.



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May 27 11 9:32 PM

On the third+fourth week for PAST it was a 2 week combine sale of 70k+ so if Checkmate! sells more than that then i'm happy. Plus I am still counting on the album selling around 450-500k in total which is brilliant.

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

seca wrote:
Isn't Kana mainly a digital sales artist though when it comes to singles? So even if 2PM sell more physically I'm sure she'll bury them easily on the digital charts.
Well Esperanza is already the top spot everywhere on online digital stores while 2PM's Take off is nowhere near the top 10.

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

Great sales for NIGHTMARE. It's their highest first week sales for thier singles since Rem_.

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

nackar wrote:
babyhh wrote:
so next week's album chart will continue to be topped by another foreign artist? it'll be the 4th consecutive time lol

btw is Gaga's 1 st week doing better than Avril or not?

She's at 106k after 3 days, with 4 more days to go. She just needs 30k to beat Avril's first week (135k), but she does have one more day to do it, since her album was released a day earlier. Granted, it won't be hard for her to breach 30k in just 3 days, so it'll happen anyway.

106k after 4 days, not 3. And yes, she will outsell Avril.

Last Edited By: Osiris May 27 11 9:10 PM. Edited 1 time.

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

Oricon wrote:
Ayu's remix albums have taken a huge tumble lol. Glad for SNSD though as they're doing much better than Gee's first week sales. I wonder will Mr. Taxi outsell Jet Coaster Love long term wise.

I don't think Mr. Taxi will have as much of a long term sale, considering their full album - if the rumor is true - will release in June. It'll contain Mr. Taxi and its PVs. I'm already glad the rumor doesn't affect the first week sale, well technically we can't tell if it affects with SNSD's upward trend across their previous singles. 

Impressive week for KPOP act. 

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

So Gaga is charting today, which means she'll get a ful 7 day week for her first week sales! Don't think UNICORN will be able to overcome that extra day sales, to be honest.

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

seca wrote:
Ninki for next week.


01 250.20 Kanjani8 - My Home
02 85.60 French Kiss - Kakkowarui I love you!
03 84.50 BUMP OF CHICKEN - Smile
04 72.90 UVERworld - CORE PRIDE
05 71.80 Tokyo Jihen - Sora ga Natteiru / Onnanoko wa Daredemo
06 71.10 aiko - Koi no Super Ball / Home
07 57.70 Sandaime J Soul Brothers - LOVE SONG
08 28.30 Sphere - Hazy
09 26.80 KREVA - C'mon, Let's go
10 22.10 Noanowa - Have a Good Day!

Interesting week for me... I actually like all the top 7 songs so far. smiley: wink 

Smile has been on my playlist rotation for quite some time now. Same goes to LOVE SONG and CORE PRIDE. And, My Home always makes me go 'kyun~~~' every time I watch Ryo's drama. LOL. I'm falling for that drama and the song. smiley: roll


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Change your avatar to 100x100 to regain it. 

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

yeah Kanjani 200k+
tomorrow we may have war?



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May 27 11 9:32 PM

I'm very interested in how much Namie is going to sell in her 2nd week since her sales have yet dropped below 20k.

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

Yay for SNSD and JGS 3f1268864eb694bb8b9948c131757f941a97c5a3_r
I hope they'll get #1 and #2, without somebody squeezing in between.



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May 27 11 9:32 PM

toLOVE29 wrote:
Oricon wrote:
toLOVE29 wrote:
IKR, Why can't people start talking about how the Queen of J-POP Sold 253k in 1 week. From the looks of Nikki I would still say Amuro could stay be number 1 for another week maybe and maybe sell more then 300k

That's because Checkmate! had 0 competition and was guaranteed for a number 1 whereas SNSD and JGS competed for #1 and SNSD has been pit against KARA in Japan for ever so long now causing some drama
Well I'm still pretty sure there isn't any competition going on if another diva or even Kana release an album that week with Namie Checkmate! The only chance Namie won't get number 1 if one of the Arashi or AKB people release something. 

Not entirely true because Kana's To Love sold 290k first week whereas Checkmate! sold 253k and Kana's next album sales will increase due to her steady popularity already.

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

*1   12,647  安室奈美恵 / Checkmate!
*2   *8,363  オムニバス / ソングス・フォー・ジャパン
*3   *5,600  徳永英明 / VOCALIST & BALLADE BEST

*1   5,779  MBLAQ / Your Luv
*2   3,699  The fevers / 第九のベンさん
*3   3,546  チャン・グンソク / Let me cry

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