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May 27 11 9:32 PM

I'm guessing you don't follow K-Pop at all because MBLAQ aren't small in K-Pop lol....

Plus 20k sales for a debut single so far (2 days only) is clearly not a flop as KARA only sold like 22k first week and 40k for SNSD I think? This is actually quite decent.

We can only see if they're flops in the long term basis after a couple of singles and maybe an album.

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

babyhh wrote:
wow PASSPO - rooting for them

next week's single releases are amazing and epic competition. I like 9/10 artists on NINKI charts and wonder if there're more releases lol

album... I wonder how BIG BAND will do considering their previous releases weren't as strong as expected and even some new korean groups are doing better than them now
Well the vocal duo Love will also be releasing a single that week, though it might not even get into the top 30. But good song is a good song no matter what!


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May 27 11 9:32 PM

Oricon wrote:
Bad thing about Perfume thought is that they have literally 0 longevity.... their singles always bomb down the charts so fast.

They still all go Gold, so I don't really thing it matters that much.

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

whitedove wrote:
Weekly sales so far...


AKB48 - 942,475 + 142,233 + 57,945 = 1,142,653
Team Amuse!! - 55,916 + 41,332 + 23,807 = 121,055
TOKIO - 9,570 + 2x
the GazettE - 2x + 6,618
Kaoru to Yuki, Tama ni Mukku. - 2x + 4,809

Look at Maru Maru Mori Mori going! The kids are going strong, having already topped the weekly digital chart ahead of AKB. Looks like it's the 3rd place's battle that will be tight this time, depending on who has the better legs.

As long as my babies have some longevity in this physical chart, I'm satisfied enough. They've done great since the past 2 weeks at the digital chart. smiley: happy

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

Whoops, I meant to type Wonderful World in my last post

Anyway, wow @ SDN48's drop. It's even bigger than GAGAGA's... weird that they didn't make at least some progress sales-wise. Oh well, it's not like their numbers are bad, it's just a bit surprising.

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

delerium wrote:
Mark this date on your calendars: 6/22
A week after, records will be broken. xD
it's about damn time3f1268864eb694bb8b9948c131757f941a97c5a3_r

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

njanjayrp wrote:
Oricon wrote:
If MBLAQ beats BEAST's first week sales and overall, i'm happy.

I want SHINee to beat 2PM, MBLAQ, BEAST's first week and overall sales. I wonder how much will 2PM and SHINee sell, is there hype in their debut in Japan?

LOL it seems they spend more time coming up with all those retarded names than the actual songs. Why would there be any hype if no one else besides their fans know who they are yet? O.o
lol my thoughts exactly. What's with all these weird acronyms with funky capitalization smiley: laugh



Posts: 3,903 SHINee/SNSD Love

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

Looks like Big Bang has #1 album in the bag. SNSD's Mr. Taxi increased too due to Music Station. However I wanted Namie to stay #1 this week with albums

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

72,220 kat-tun
45,686 perfume
42,493 diva

20,410 ft island
*6,669 shibasaki kou
*4,217 wowaka

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

nackar wrote:
I wonder how much ikimonogakari's DVD sold! Given their enormous success with the compilation, I'm hoping for total numbers of over 100k, but that might be pushing it...
I totally forgot that Ikimonogakari already started releasing their DVD this week. I think they have Blu-ray version for this one. Can't wait to see the number.

KimmieMai wrote:

Anyway seem like previous popular predictions of Mr. Taxi's report card got switch around. They most likely won't get #1 for the week, but their sale probably passes 100k. In the long run, it might be better than Gee as well. I'm happy for them~
Yeah, it seems JGS will get the #1. Still, both parties will have good sales numbers, I think they also can be happy about it.

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

^ they're not big either. At least not in among the top 5 boygroups/

But their sales is really suprising to me though.

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

lovenhatepop wrote:

Kanjani8 already has two singles scheduled for release this year, one this April and another in May - furthermore, the one in April is a double-A side single wherein one of the title track has an anime movie tie-in so... 

Kanjani8 + Shinchan = 043267964bbd04dd8299e0c9ca8ee0329345548d_r 62d368f563afbecf48a38e859604ca0eab627d29_r

I hope Kanjani8 will do great with all the consecutive singles. 3d0367fa67f2b9bd4c21867d98e4cece75260863_r

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

Oricon 2011

Album Top 50

Single Top 50

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

The thing with Team Amuse's single is that, despite the fact both the song and video are a bit silly (at least I thought so. The song is hardly a song and the video is way too over the top happyslappy for me), it's still got a ton of famous celebrities singing for a good cause. Good causes sell well to begin with. And you said "none of these artists can pull in such numbers." That's true, but they don't all have the same fanbase! Perhaps their combined fanbases could pull in such figures.

In the end, though, I don't know. 400/500k first week seems a bit too much for me, but 200/300k should be possible.

And then you'll see it'll end up barely passing 100k after its chart run

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

LimeArix wrote:
I've gotten past the fact of caring if they right articles about a Korean group getting whatever place on the oricon. I don't think people should get so pissy about it either. After all Korea is takes pride in any bit of success in Japan, especially since Japan was the one who eliminated Korea's music in it's growing stages and basically did things to them that was on par with Nazi Germany, like using Korean women as sex slaves for the Imperial army. But unlike Germany, Japan still denies everything they've done and repeatedly excludes the colonization of Korea. So Korea feels the need to brag every time they do good on a Japanese related chart, I just think people here complain about it without knowing the reason why Korea is the way it is.

Anyways, enough of the history lesson. I really hope French Kiss do go next week, and I see Kanjani is becoming the new sparkling beacon of JE.
... Except I think most people are annoyed by the way AllKPop and the international fan base deals with these things. I don't know why some people feel the need to bring all of K-Pop down and basically insult everyone who does like it, which I think is pathetic and childish, but I'm not a fan myself and I do get annoyed by the sometimes incredibly annoying fan base that's out there. I agree though that getting all offensive and pissed off about it isn't going to solve anything either. Just let them do what they do and ignore it as you please~

To be honest, I haven't been looking forward to the first day sales of a new week in a long while! 

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

KimmieMai wrote:
Hope SJJD's number will do well through the week... the midday sale for day 2 makes me nervous a bit.
Midday numbers for 2nd day are out?

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

^^^Exactly, lol. They're nothing without him.

Pastel wrote:
njanjayrp wrote:
Pastel wrote:
Namie's sales are crazy, I thought she'd be lucky to sell that number overall, especially after it was pushed back due to the disaster. It's even crazier to think how easily her compilation album will outsell Ayumi & Kumi's latest studio albums.

That kinda says why + there is the fact that Amuro is more popular than the other two >_>

Oops, meant to say collaboration album. As far as I know they don't tend to sell all that well. Kumi's sold like 50k, right?

Just a few things about these two comparisons:
1. Yes, it's a collaboration album, but, again, it has a few of her biggest recent hits on it. Only a few songs from Checkmate! weren't well received. Kumi's album, on the other hand, was full of duds. What few "hits" were on there aren't considered to be Koda's best works, by any means, with the exception of Hot Stuff (for some).
2. In general, Kumi has really shitty collabs, lol. Namie, on the other hand, has worked with some of the biggest people in hip-hop/rap. There's also Tomohisa Yamashita. ._.
3. Out Works & Collaboration Best didn't have any new songs, technically. Yeah, a few of them were new to Kumi fans, but if they wanted to, people could find all of them somewhere.....Not that it would matter much, either way, considering all of the "new" songs are crap. >_>
4. On a similar note, Koda's collab album had nothing to promote it, considering all of the songs were already released, and many of them didn't do well in the first place. With Checkmate!, however, there are four brand new songs and five new PVs, with at least two of those songs, from what I've been hearing (Wonder Woman and Make It Happen both charted fairly well and got good hype), being very well received by fans. Not to mention, despite Amuro never doing T.V. performances, she gets some of the best promotion out of all the well-known pop stars... And so does Kumi, lol. But not for that best, oddly enough.
5. Honestly, we all know that Kuu's album was kind of sloppy and would only appeal to certain fans. A good bit of the general public probably didn't know much about it, either. But Namie's album is very well put together, very well promoted, and would appeal to a more general audience, considering it really is like a best + new songs, not like a B-side collection (like Kumi's).
6. And duh, it is possible that Namie Amuro is currently bigger than Kumi Koda, who, as we've seen, has been falling fast, while Namie, even though she's also falling, is much more steady right now. But we can't say for sure until we see Amuro's next studio album.

I hate the quoting here, lol. >_<

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Return Road Episode II

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May 27 11 9:32 PM

Avex better do some magic to help Namie gain some numbers. We need a 20k+ to help her get number 1.

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