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Jul 30 11 7:29 AM

2 new songs... 10a16d61b3418d94c4f1cd8a192e6bc0ecec828c_r And the last one is another ballad.

The setlist seems to be good. But I wish she sang one of Komuro Tetsuya songs.

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Jul 30 11 7:39 AM

Disappointed that there's no songs to represent her, 20 years ago, since it's a 20th anniversary concert...



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#1966 post_url

Jul 30 11 7:39 AM

is it me, or the setlist doesn't blend together O.o ??? for me this is either ultimately awesome (as it has her previous hits that I really like) or ultimately a failure for the messy arrangement of the songs which are, in my opinion, all over the place =/

#1967 post_url

Jul 30 11 8:12 AM

Ken wrote:
Souichi, are you saying that the other new song is a ballad?
Yes, the last song in the setlist is a ballad, according to people in Namie Style foruns.

#1968 post_url

Jul 30 11 8:17 AM

To sum up:

Upcoming album: 7 songs
Checkmate!: 5 songs
Past Future: 5 songs
PLAY: 3 songs
Queen of Hip-Pop: 1 song

First time she's not performing Style songs or classics like Want Me, Want Me & Baby Don't Cry. Guess she grew tired of them!

#1969 post_url

Jul 30 11 8:30 AM

WHERE IS NEW LOOK ? The only songs on the setlist that I have a problem with are Shut Up, and Wonder Woman.  I kind of wanted to have her old hits on there too, but the setlist is still good. 

v idk why it wasn't showing up!

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#1970 post_url

Jul 30 11 8:58 AM

^ Where is the picture u just posted ?

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#1974 post_url

Jul 30 11 9:28 AM

It seems that those Namie dolls were being shown at the place you buy the tour goods:

Damn, I would love to have the Hide & Seek and Funky Town dolls. Cfe360fd6c85b4ff44bd8c20945cc1911023de3c_r

#1976 post_url

Jul 30 11 9:40 AM

I thought that video was from namie's. I was like "freaking awesome!!" then I realized it's not... -_-;

#1977 post_url

Jul 30 11 9:42 AM

Uhplus wrote:
I thought that video was from namie's. I was like "freaking awesome!!" then I realized it's not... -_-;
I posted it on purposesmiley: roll

#1979 post_url

Jul 30 11 10:01 AM

Set list looks great, though I agree with whoever said that this isn't a 20th Anniversary tour if she doesn't even sings songs past 2003. And I'm sure she sang all the collaboration songs herself like she did with "BLACK DIAMOND".

Actually, I'm a bit sad she didn't perform "Namie's Style" but all the rest of the album opener songs. That's the one song I want to see live more than any other at this point.

So LIVE STYLE 2011 Setlist > LIVE STYLE 2006 Setlist. But, 2006's setlist flowed much better than this one. Like someone else mentioned, all the songs just seem to be thrown together with too much thought for how they flow.

Last Edited By: otenkiame Jul 30 11 10:05 AM. Edited 1 time.

#1980 post_url

Jul 30 11 10:03 AM

I wonder where the new arrangements came in this time. If there were any, that is.

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