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Apr 16 11 11:51 AM

Haaaaay Banzai.  Wtf is up with that avatar?  Great new forum rahhhh?

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Apr 16 11 3:58 PM

YoungMoney wrote:
A lot of the songs have been growing on me lately, but my inner stan is starving for another What A Feeling

since the eurodance revival is still on full force in America I'd prefer something more edgy and dark with her next releases that is not a rehash of trodden r&b/urban/pop paths even though I love WAF to bits (still my most played song ever in 5 years of everything sounds so candy-synthwashed now that a harder beat is only good and there are even hints of it in her latest stuff but I still want my nice sing-along pop melody, preferably with an experimental form that is not a mess. yep, I'm a demanding listener. smiley: laugh

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Apr 16 11 5:41 PM

Evanescence wrote:

since the eurodance revival is still on full force in America

...Given I'm from Canada, but what???

I srsly can't wait for a new tour from Namie. I hope she releases something better than Fight Together though before then..



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Apr 17 11 2:44 AM

My avatar's shown up, hallelujah~ Took a lot of work to make that thing. Now it looks like crap stretched, though. Hope the bugs get worked out soon, so the thread doesn't keep moving around.

I saw "only the video tapes" above, that was kinda hilarious. VHS, live on!

I guess, four magazine covers for a collabo album are plenty. I'm surprised there weren't more photo shoots considering they seem to do them a month ahead, which would've been before the earthquake. Unless the magazines canceled some things. The TV magazine appearance is just stock promotion photography on the album, I was hoping for a new picture, at least.

 I love the one shot in Glamorous with the eye make and the lighting makes Namie look like she stepped out of the 60s. So cute! And there's a two page Coca Cola ad right after her article. What I don't understand is why the Kose ad isn't in any of the magazines she's been in. Seems like it's only been in Vivi so far. I'd also mention there's a naked woman in the Glamorous magazine, but I know nobody here is interested in that. =P smiley: laugh

I'd like to see her do promotions for the One Piece song just to get her on TV, but I can only assume that with her tour starting next month that she's busy preparing for that. Or even just still figuring out the logistics for that tour considering everything going on. Dunno really what to look forward to from her. Besides my HMV order with her album and lots of other fun stuff. ^_^

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Apr 18 11 3:09 AM

Yey! Finally migrated over here but no time yet to make avi or Amura - fan thingy. ^ I really want the Glamourous magazine and it'll be my next pick up @ Kinokuniya, along with a new thermo/tea pot.

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Apr 18 11 5:13 AM

Just checked out the videos for "Make It Happen" and "Wonder Woman" in super-poor quality on YouTube. Going by those, the former sounds like good, disposable, kooky pop, whilst the second is passable (much prefer MAX's take on Diana Prince ). Don't think I'll be spinning either of these songs much in future, but it's good to see Namie doin' her thang.

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Apr 18 11 6:46 AM

What an interesting schedule... She plays Yoyogi three times, goes to two other venues twice for two days each and ends in Hiroshima. I wouldn't complain about all those duplicate dates, but it seems kinda excessive with Osaka repeating only two weeks apart. I wonder if she's limited in venues. And what happened to Okinawa? ^^;



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Return Road Episode II

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Apr 18 11 10:21 AM

So only 25 tour dates this year? And I second that "What happen to Okinawa"? Don't she usually end her tours there?

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Apr 18 11 10:29 AM

Wait only twenty five tour dates? Surprised she didn't try to reach triple digits with this one, given how ridiculously long her recent tours have been

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Apr 18 11 10:33 AM

geoff wrote:
Wait only twenty five tour dates? Surprised she didn't try to reach triple digits with this one, given how ridiculously long her recent tours have been
Even Queens get tired from time to time.



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Apr 18 11 11:45 AM

I think a lot of changes probably reflect the craziness in the industry right now. Everyone is rescheduling which is difficult when I'm sure a good chunk of the year has already been queued up. Plus there is probably some economizing going on. Not going to Okinawa would save a lot, especially fuel.

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Apr 18 11 1:20 PM

I think she'll end up adding more tour dates in January and February...
I wonder if some arenas are being used as shelter?

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Apr 18 11 1:31 PM

damn that's really cut back, and the showing times. Hopefully this makes her put out an album in the fall or something?

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