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May 19 11 3:23 PM

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Source: ANN, Moe News Sokuhou, Tokyograph

JDRAMA/MANGA News: Main cast of Ouran High School Host Club live action adaptation announced

According to Anime News Network, the long-rumored live-action adaptation of “Ouran High School Host Club” (“Ouran Koukou Host Club”) is finally becoming a reality. Yamamoto Yusuke (23) is being billed as the show’s star, with teen model/actress Kawaguchi Haruna (16) playing the female lead.

“Ouran High School Host Club” is a popular comedy/romance manga by Hatori Bisco that started in 2003, which also had a successful anime adaptation in 2006. For years, there has been talk of a possible drama adaptation, but the rumors have always been false until now.

The story revolves around a high school girl named Fujioka Haruhi (Kawaguchi) at the prestigious Ouran Academy, who stumbles upon a group of male students who have formed their own club as hosts. Accidentally breaking an antique vase, Haruhi ends up owing the club a vast amount of money, and she ends up posing as a host in order to repay her debt.

Yamamoto will play the part of Tamaki, the president of the club. The rest of the actors playing the club members have not yet been officially announced, though more details will likely be revealed in next week’s issue of LaLa (Hakusensha).

TBS will broadcast the series, starting in July.

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