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Sep 9 11 12:20 PM

Baka To Test To Shokanjuu And now I'm gonna watch Baka To Test To Shokanjuu Ni ~

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Sep 11 11 4:47 PM

Tiger & Bunny ep. 24 - I can't believe there's only one more episode before it's over. And for all it's issues at times for pacing they sure know where to end an episode to keep viewers in suspense.

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Sep 16 11 10:35 PM

No. 6 ep 11 (ending) - Damn, that was one disappointing ending... A disappointment for a series with such promising start. Nothing was explained properly in 11 episodes, too many plotholes, pacing issues and unexplained characters. It's quite bad of a series actually and I wonder how did I sit through 'till the end.

Just watched Usagi Drop ep 11 (ending) too and I have to say it's a satisfying watch from the beginning! Bit sad it's over because I thought it explored the theme of maturing into parenthood quite well... Gotta start reading the manga I guess heh

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Sep 18 11 7:01 PM

Tiger & Bunny episode 25 (Ending)

At this point I will be more surprised if there wasn't a second season as there was quite a bit of set up for a continuation. That and for the past couple of episodes there's a feeling like they were spreading things out a bit which feels to me as if they knew they had the go ahead for another season and decided to redo the final few episodes so they can leave things to continue with later.

So while I wish they addressed certain plot points they are the ones that look like they'll be continued with later. And I'm glad there's a happy ending as even though the later episodes were getting darker the ending seemed more in line with the fun of the first half of the season.

About Usagi Drop (spoilers from the manga ending ahoy)...

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Sep 19 11 8:41 AM

zeopower6 wrote:
Summer Wars.
You mean Digimon (Our War Game)? Oh yea... that was great indeed... lol joke aside, Summer Wars is an exhilarating film that Digimon movie could have been. And I still feel the plot was so, incredibly FORCED (yes I mean it with capitals). The introduction of the digital world, the vague King Kazma and the origin of the antagonist too, or the digital premise itself... UGH. If it was a Digimon movie, they'd save precious screen time trying to explain all that techno crap they cramp into the 114 minutes and focus more on a more consistent plot, exploration of the various characters or heck, cool fight scenes. Asides all my bitching, the animation is great so I can at least be satisfied on that.

And oh, I agree wholly with Usagi Drop manga plot and ending...

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Oct 9 11 12:17 PM

Just saw the first episodes of Working!! second season, Chiharafuru, and Boku to Kimi. Love all of them.

Yamada is adorable as usual. <3

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Oct 17 11 3:54 PM

^ Same love this show so much. Maya is my favorite, just because shes there haha.

Persona 4 anime is pretty good, well animated and voiced. Never played the game but im interested for sure.

Gundam AGE, despite the new art direction I think its pretty good so far. The main character does not bother me, but his little side character friends urk me when the rest of the cast is above 20s. Action is good, in the first two episodes, and is not hard to watch, but his best friend thats a girl is annoying already. Hope she gets killed off or something lol.

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Oct 21 11 5:14 PM

The last show I completely finished was Ookiku Furikabutte and it was so good!

As for the new season, I started off watching quite a few shows but for now the only ones I'm interested in watching more than one episode of are UN-GO, Chiharafuru, Last Exile 2 (OMG Dio!) and Gundam AGE.  ^^ I agree about AGE I like it just fine, I keep trying to watch Gundam but I usually end up dropping the series part way though and for all the hate AGE gets I don't see how it's any worse than any other Gundam for a beginning anyway.  I don't think Emily will be dying any time soon though 

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Jun 1 12 7:18 PM

So I'm actually in a period where I'm watching multiple shows.

Queen's Blade Rebellion
Dusk Maiden of Amnesia
Lupin III : The Woman Called Mine Fujiko

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Dec 27 12 7:22 PM

I was watching Kamisama Hajimashita, which was pretty good.

And then I watched Sword Art Online, which was average, but I dropped it upon the second arc.

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Feb 10 13 5:41 AM

The last anime I watched was Mirai Nikki.
I really liked it but it was really complicated. I might watch it again just to see what I missed the first time

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May 20 13 9:34 PM

Gintama :X
Hunter X hunter

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