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Jun 18 11 3:30 AM

I prefer the ED which has very strong nostalgia value for me. It's a cover of a famous ZONE song that I used to listen to a LOT years ago. The song itself is about sweet childhood memories and growing up and on top of that it has huge symbolical value for the Japanese audience since everyone knows the original song.

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Jun 18 11 3:59 AM

I didn't have that association with the ED theme but it's definitely nice I LOVEEED the 10th episode... I really like the complicated interactions and dilemmas between the characters and can't wait for the finale! Perhaps I shouldn't hope too much so I don't get disappointed when watching the conclusion since everything leading up to this have been wonderful. No cliche ending PREASE

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Jun 24 11 5:56 AM

So I watched AnoHana's last episode and I thought it was good. Not great... A lot of the questions answered but I don't quite enjoy the ( hide and seek ) part... Certainly not cliched but feels forced IMO to squeeze out/dramatise their emotions... Though, great series overall and if I can rate it, I'd happily given it a 8/10 If only the closing could've been done with subtlety I'd score it a 9

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Jun 24 11 6:54 AM

In terms of story and character development the last episode of Ano Hana was perfect, but in general the direction was really sloppy. Melodrama was to be expected, but it went WAY over the top throughout the episode and there was no break from the constant SHOUTING AND SOBBING from the voice actors. Having the characters shout out their "real" feelings has always been a tad dumb plot device and here it didn't work at all. If it had dropped the schmaltz and extra drama the finale would have been just fine. Meanwhile the other show, C, blew my mind with the last 3 episodes. It ended up being a lot more memorable and richer than Ano Hana even though the first 5/6 episodes were only decent at best. The ending was simply brilliant and it was great to see Nakamura (the director) going all out yet again (the last time he did that the result was Mononoke - one of the best series of all time).

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Jun 24 11 8:10 AM

There seems to be elements in AnoHana that tends to go a bit overboard, one is what you're mentioning and the other is Yukiatsu's (cross-dressing)  fiasco. It almost as if the director needs to show a little bit of intrigue by framing him as a villain. I guess he needed some plot devices to make it interesting enough. I don't know, I think in hands of masterful directors the story can certainly told in an engaging yet more subtle manner (not too subtle as I will find it boring lol), but this is anime and not some Oscar-winning entry so I probably am expecting too much ^^;

I tried a couple of episodes of Hourou Musuko and while it IS subtle, the subject matter (of cross-dressing, geez Japanese love to dwell on this don't they ) and the fact it was told through a perspective of a seemingly immature (but mature) middle schooler is... interesting but I find it hard to relate on a realistic basis. I don't have any problems with boys who like to dress like girls and vice versa but I find the environment where the character live in to be unrealistic, despite the fact that this IS animation. I might be contradicting myself but something about the setting doesn't sit right with me. I might give it a little more go before forming a more objective opinion but ATM it doesn't pique my interest.

From your description C might be interesting so I'll give that a go as well. TBH, I am just aware of this noitaminA roster of mature anime despite knowing some of their past titles (Honey & Clover, Nodame No Cantabile, etc) so yeah... I think I'm in for a treat


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Jun 25 11 10:27 AM

Sorry to double post but C IS DA BOMB!! Who would've thought an anime about the ECONOMY (+ more) would be such an entertaining tour de force! Goodness me I watched the first episode and HAD TO FINISH 'TILL THE END. I LOVED every bit about it and while there are things that could be better explained, the action, intrigue and drama were able to distract me from the flaws. 9.5/10

11 episodes seem short, and TBH I want MOAR but even with the brief format, I thought the series has done exceptionally well... Now if anyone can suggest me anything similar to this I'd be eternally grateful!

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Jun 26 11 1:59 PM

Tiger & Bunny episode 13. It ended on a much happier note than I expected but I'm glad that short arc is over. I can't wait to see what the next half of this series has to offer.

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Jun 26 11 3:28 PM

I don't think C needs more episodes - well, it would have done a bit better with a few more episodes in the middle since the storytelling in the first half was too unstable. Once Kimimaro made his first proper decision on his own the quality of the series in general increased. Nakamura's direction has always been godlike and I suggest watching his earlier masterpiece, Mononoke. The subject is very, very different, but Nakamura approaches grand themes in that series as well and it's damn weird at times, but really mindblowing in the end. I vastly prefer it to C because it's such a solid show from start to finish. What I loved about C was how Nakamura managed to explore epic and abstract themes without feeling pretentious at all. The last 3 episodes were simply PERFECT.

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Jun 27 11 5:05 AM

^The last 3 episodes were YUM! Thankfully I watched C after all of the episodes have been released so I was spared from the suspenseful waiting lol. I love the fact that the series started off as a seemingly normal shonen battle/competition series but then progressed into a deeper exploration of themes all the while still maintaining the excitement of adrenaline pumped action sequences

I watched Mononoke too (and Baka Neko arc of Ayakashi since that was directed by the same guy) and thought it was definitely worth-while! I don't think it tops C overall IMO but I am thoroughly enjoying the art as well as the often questionable plot direction. Confrontational and compelling, but at other times I felt some of the arcs are handled better than the others. I love the "Nue" arc the most, followed by "Umibouzu" and the rest followed. Great series overall, loving the deep exploration and storytelling though I certainly think that it could benefit from a less trivial directive - it was trying too hard to be confusing at times lol. 7.5/10

I am wary of Kuchu Buranko now haha! Maybe I should see what the fuss is all about with Tiger & Bunny next

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Jul 3 11 3:04 AM

Cellac wrote:
Maybe I should see what the fuss is all about with Tiger & Bunny next

You should, but keep in mind that it's mainly a fun show that's like a buddy cop movie but with super heroes. This week's episode was a bit weak but next week's looks really promising and the first thirteen episodes are pretty good and end off in a good place to take a break if you prefer to marathon shows.

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Jul 3 11 6:11 AM

I just finished Tiger & Bunny ep 9 and I thought the series is definitely good. I thought the universe in which the story is set is well thought out, certainly the strong point in the show along with the various characters. The concept of turning their heroic deeds into a reality TV is a clever one and they did it convincingly

Perhaps my only gripe with it is just the sometimes sloppy directing. I like how the plot develops so far but I find the individual "case" per episode is really weak. But then again, for a series which kind of follows with monster-of-the-day format it is kind of expected. Nevertheless it may be nitpicking for a show this caliber. I'll keep watching this one that's for sure

EDIT: Finished the latest ep 14 lol. I agreed with you that the last arc finished off, rather underwhelmingly... but good nontheless. While I find the base of the characters in this series are interesting, there isn't enough character development so far... I feel for the other heroes (except Ivan since he seems to be a favourite nontheless) who gets less screen-time. I hope the second half will explore them more. And oh, the general quality of the later episodes seem to also have gone down gradually -_-

Last Edited By: Cellac Jul 4 11 7:47 AM. Edited 2 times.

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Jul 4 11 10:49 AM

Yesterday I've watched Digimon Xros Wars 41 and Ao no Exorcist 12. Both series are good~ ( Although DXW sounds like a sentai/tokusatsu instead of an anime :') )

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Jul 4 11 8:45 PM

Witchblade: Whole series.

Good show, a bit more heart warming than I was expecting in a lot of the scenes. Dont know why I waited so long to check it out lol, but it was super refreshing to watch a non mecha anime about little girls haha.

One series down that can be taken off my HDD, was on there for like a year lol.

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Jul 15 11 10:57 PM

Blade episodes 1-2 : Feels like the others in the Marvel anime unit. Could be good but as usual taking some very typical anime directions already.

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