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Nov 22 12 9:31 PM

I wish I didn't read the wikipedia page -.-"

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Nov 23 12 11:54 PM

^ That's your own fault, haha.

Anyway, "Q" had an opening weekend of 1.1 billion yen, highest opening weekend in Japan for 2012, and more than 2 times that of "ha", and 4 times that of "jo". Seen by 770,000 cinema-goers.

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Nov 29 12 3:35 AM

I saw Q opening night.... I can't say I'm a fan after one viewing... It's fine that they veered way off course--I didn't expect anything less. But to me, it didn't feel like Evangelion at all... it felt like any other generic anime. And it was pretty much an entirely different movie from what was previewed in the original 'Next Time' trailer that played after Ha, which seemed like a more interesting movie than what we actually got.

That said, I'd like to see it again, now that I know what to expect. I was thinking of seeing it in Japan again while I was still there, but I decided to wait for the home video release, which will surely have some changes/additions.

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Sep 1 13 12:06 AM

I missed part one, but I'm currently watching part 2.

I wanted to ask is this a good version to watch as far as editing. I know some stuff always gets chopped for U.S releases.

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