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Jul 9 12 10:45 PM

Noiiice :3

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Jul 30 12 1:53 AM

Here's the official theatrical teaser, which is just an extended version of the TV teaser I mentioned in the post before:

And so, the trolling begins...

I wonder if we're going to be getting any real footage or info about this thing before it releases? I'm not very optimistic at this point, lol. Also, the first poster was an abstract/close-up photo of a piano, resembling this teaser.

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Aug 4 12 6:29 PM

I just watched the first 2 and wish I hadn't. I should of just waited until they were all released I can't deal with waiting. I can't imagine what they are going to do to the story for the last movie.

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Oct 2 12 4:54 PM

They're really keeping the lid sealed tight on this movie.... A month and a half to go, and we basically have nothing. This better be good... lol.

So anyway, I'll be in Japan when this releases, so I'll definitely catch it once or twice!

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Oct 18 12 3:45 AM

I'm surprised the first new footage since last year comes from Nico Nico.

Anyway, it's nice to have the new footage, but it tells us very little. At this point, it's probably best that way. The trailer hardly raises my excitement level, but it's already pretty high.

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Nov 1 12 4:57 PM

Newest trailer.... I'm assuming it's the last. New characters, pink Eva (Unit 08?), lots of Asuka/Unit 02.
The new characters make me a little wary, but they seem like they might just be supporting cast in the vein of Maya and the like.
Still no sign of Unit 01.

Anyway,.... pretty pumped now!

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Nov 17 12 7:08 PM

New Japanese title for EVANGELION:FINAL

Anno be trollin'. So far I haven't been able to find anyone able to shed any light on how Misato pronounces the title.

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Nov 19 12 9:10 AM

^ As far as I can remember she didn't pronounce it at all; she just said "jikai: shin Evangelion gekijouban".

Watched it on opening day - not going to say anything except that it was way too much info to make sense of in just one viewing, so I'll be heading down to watch it again soon.
It definitely is polarizing, though - much more than "ha" was. You'll either like it or hate it.

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Nov 20 12 12:12 PM

^ Considering how viewers were initially all "Souryuu not Shikinami!" and "WTF is this Mari girl", I'd say that was polarising enough, alongside Asuka being the pilot for Eva-03 and Beast Mode.

It's just the fans who expected too much who're all disappointed and stuff - I'd say go in with a very open mind for this one.

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