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Jun 1 11 10:08 AM

I've been a diehard fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion and I dare say the original series (+ End of Evangelion) is the greatest work of art ever produced. It changed my world completely: reignited my passion for film, made me interested in philosophy/psychology/linguistics/music and changed my mind on many topics. I've loved Rebuild films so far. 1.0 was a bit unimaginative, but it was great to see Eva animated with a bigger budget. 2.0, on the other hand, was genuinely surprising and cleverly re-invented a lot of plot elements. I can't wait to see what Anno has in store for us in the last two parts after the near-apocalyptical showdown.

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Jun 2 11 1:54 AM

The only thing I don't like about the 2nd movie is how quickly we get to "the 3rd impact". I know it doesn't happen actually happen, but it just seemed too easy. Having said that, it is my favourite scene of the film.

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Jun 2 11 6:07 AM

^ I'd say you only get that impression because we're assuming the 3rd impact is the end game like it was in the original. Who knows what direction Rebuild is going to take us.

It may include a lot of the elements and characters we're familiar with, but as far as we're shown, it's set in a different continuity.

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Jul 1 11 11:15 AM

I think one reason why "Q" is taking so long to come out, apart from the quake, is because Miyamura Yuko, who voices Asuka, is pregnant with her second child. She's scheduled to give birth this month.

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Jul 2 11 7:20 AM

Ooo congrats asuka

Pregnancy would only really take a couple of months off work, I just assumed they were still finishing the fourth film. I'm hoping they'll still be released together. Most animated films take 2-4 years to make, so all this waiting seems rather reasonable to me.

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Jul 2 11 2:09 PM

^ I was thinking that as well; maybe if they hadn't announced their tentative schedule at the start it would've looked better as well, I guess.

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Jul 8 11 2:24 PM

The TV version of 2.0 will be aired on the 26th August. If I'm not wrong, news about 2.0 came out after 1.0 was shown on TV, so maybe we'll finally get some more news about Q in September.

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Jul 11 11 5:39 PM

I remember Jo being aired on TV just a few days after Ha had already been released to theaters, as I was in Japan at that time. I'm pretty sure that was the first time it was aired on TV, though I could be wrong....

But regardless, I think we should get something this year. Considering that the first two were released around summer, I think there's a good chance they'll aim for a summer release again though. So that would take us to next year...

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Jul 20 11 1:00 AM

Commercial for the upcoming TV airing of Ha. The narrator says that it is a must-see even for fans who have seen the film, and urges the audience to watch 'til the end--that something will happen... Announcement coming!? I think so! (If not, I'd be majorly disappointed.)

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Jul 25 11 3:19 AM

I don't know about the the UK, but the US Platinum Collection DVD box set goes for 49.99USD on, which isn't a bad price. I don't think their international shipping charges are too bad, so it may be worth checking out. I wouldn't be surprised if  Blu-ray releases are on the horizon though. But then again, maybe that won't come until after all of the new films have been released.

Also, in regards to the TV airing of Ha, it seems they will be having a special engagement at some movie theaters where they will be playing the TV version in theaters at the same time as the TV airings. The fact that they are making this such an event makes me even more inclined to believe that we will be getting some pretty good info about Q come August 26.

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Aug 8 11 4:56 PM

I saw that too. Coupled with the way they're promoting the TV airing of 2.0 at the end of August, I think it's a good indication that we will be getting some info at that time. I'm pretty confident they'll at least announce the time frame for which we can expect a release. And maybe an updated version of the trailer at the end of the film.

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Aug 26 11 3:07 PM

Took them long enough. Was that so hard to do, GAINAX? LOL.

Considering the loads of tie-ins and promo for "EVA0826" it would have been a major letdown if Q news had not been a part of today/yesterday.

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