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May 8 11 3:56 AM

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2007.09.01  |  ヱヴァンゲリヲン新劇場版:序  |  Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone
2009.06.27  |  ヱヴァンゲリヲン新劇場版:破  |  Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance


2012.11.17  |  ヱヴァンゲリヲン新劇場版:Q  |  Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo
2013.xx.xx  |  ヱヴァンゲリヲン新劇場版:? |  Evangelion: Final

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May 8 11 11:05 PM

Thanks Zeoh, that's interesting, the left side of the new plug-suit where her eye patch is located is asymmetric to the design on the right.

I don't think the spear means much though, Rei was always shown with the Spear of Longinus in NGE pictures.

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May 9 11 3:01 AM

I agree on the spear that it's probably just for the illustration and doesn't mean anything.

The left side of the plugsuit has a somewhat similar design to Mari's plugsuit for Unit 05.

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May 9 11 3:03 AM

Asuka looks so sickly thin in that art even though it is very pretty, haha.

I wonder if it'll be made into a PVC figurine... speaking of which, the Kaworu / Asuka figures that are coming out are gooorgeous.

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#7 post_url

May 9 11 7:41 AM

Hmmm, it comes out tomorrow. Maybe I'll get a copy when I head into town to pick up all the new releases for the week - although it'll be raining, so major bummer.

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May 9 11 3:28 PM

I watched 1.0 and 2.0 today. While the first one was kinda boring, since it was just a mix of the first episodes, the second was amazing. Loved Asuka and I'm excited about the new girl, Mari. I'm surprised they didn't add Toji as pilot, like in the series. Not bad though. Can't wait for the 3.0!!

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May 9 11 6:08 PM

^ I just hope Mari turns out to have an actual purpose. I've always liked Toji so I'm sad he got shafted, though I really wasn't surprised at all.

"YOU WILL (NOT) UNDERSTAND"? Sounds plausible, but I haven't seen anything. I don't really like it. Though I didn't like "YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE" either, so whatever.

More Uniqlo T-shirts this year. It says they'll be available at the UT Harajuku Store and select Uniqlo locations. Can't say any of them really appeal to me though.


Well, apparently there wasn't really any news on 3.0/Q. Ah, well. I was hoping, but I was also prepared for this possibility. Anyway, here's a larger res image of the magazine cover:

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#14 post_url

May 21 11 11:45 PM

I do hope we get more news on the third installment, the wait is so long.

Asuka looks real cool with the eye patch! I'm glad they added Mari, I didn't like how Toji became a pilot in the original.

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May 22 11 2:39 AM

I didn't like how Toji became a pilot in the original.
Really!? I think it's a great plot point, very unexpected and surprising if you didn't know the story prior, and it really marks a huge turning point in the series. Though of course having Asuka put in that situation would still heavily affect Shinji, I actually think its really significant that his "normal" friend, who was entirely unaffiliated with NERV is the one who ends up getting severely injured/killed. I really think that that would be a bigger blow to him, even if Asuka was equally or even more important to him. So I actually think that whole Unit 03 plot works better in the TV series/manga, and I'm sad that they changed that, though I guess it was nice to see Touji not suffering a tragic fate.

But I understand why they changed it to Asuka, since they had a much more limited amount of time to convey the story, and Asuka wouldn't have much of a role otherwise.  The problem with Asuka is that in the series, she is more of like a secondary protagonist. She really isn't hugely significant in the overall plot, as compared to much of the rest of the cast. Instead, she has her own arc that the audience follows which coincides and overlaps with the main plot (Shinji's story). She has the B subplot to Shinji's A plot. Since they are so limited on time this time around, they had to better fit her into Shinji's A plot so that she still has some significance. Of course she has had some development even in the new movie, but it is significantly reduced, and I expect that to be the case in the concluding parts of the movie series. Well, that's how I see it anyway.

As for Mari, I'm still not sure, but I do like her. She does seem to be important to the new story, judging by the preview for Q, at least. I just hope it's not really contrived. I don't remember if I read this from a credible source or not, but I remember seeing something that said they actually were not intending to add Mari as a pilot at the point when Jo was released (or even giving her a name for that matter). They had her in the preview for Ha after the credits for Jo, but she was only originally intended to just be in that scene, as just a background character observing the events taking place.  The narration has no mention of a pilot for Unit 05, and Mari's scene here is quite different than what made it into the final film. Supposedly fan reaction to her was so great that they upgraded her and added her into the story. Anybody else ever read anything like that? I swear I read something like that, but I really don't remember where... I'm pretty sure it was a credible source though, because otherwise I don't think I would have took it seriously. Maybe it was the movie pamphlet for Jo? I'll have to pull it out again and check.

But anyway, it really seems like they are just making this stuff up as they go along, so the above doesn't surprise me too much. I mean, when they originally announced the project, the first three parts Jo + Ha + Kyuu were more-or-less all supposed to follow the original series pretty faithfully, and only the final part was supposed to deviate in a significant way (and they were all supposed to be released in the span of less than two years LOL). Look how that ended up. I also remember reading some article/interview released right after Jo was released, in which someone from Khara (I don't remember who) pretty much said that they hadn't really worked on Q at all yet, and that probably meant story and all. They probably just had some abstract plot points that the wanted to use, and that's what they put into that preview at the end of Jo.

Anyway, my post has become far too long, so I'll leave it at that. I really hope we get to see something about Q soon!

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#16 post_url

May 22 11 3:03 PM

I agree with you 100% on the Toji and Asuka thing. Having Toji as a pilot instead of someone from NERV really worked as a piece of story development in terms of Shinji yet I found when I watched the original that Asuka just ended up being just the 'angry pilot with a bad past (like all the other pilots really) who takes it out on everyone'. I wanted more development from Asuka in the original and I liked how they gave her more of a role in the movies. I might just be a little bias about Asuka too since I really liked her too... hahaha. Having Toji end up like how he did in the original really hit me though, it was one of the saddest points in the show for me and I'm kind of glad they left it out just so I don't have to watch that part again.

I can see why they added more of Mari, I became a fan of her after watching Ha. I didn't expect such a large role from her in Ha yet I liked her involvement in the movie.

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#17 post_url

May 22 11 8:57 PM

Haha. Well, Asuka and Touji are probably my two favorite characters. I'm sad they had to fight over the screen time in the new series. Obviously Asuka wins out... lol. At least Touji doesn't get it as bad as Hikari, she's had a total of what, 30 seconds of screen time between the two movies so far? Perhaps not even, lol. Poor Hikari.

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#20 post_url

Jun 1 11 2:11 AM

FINALLY. Man, that Asuka picture is so pretty.

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