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Aug 14 11 12:04 AM

^ I don't think anyone exactly knows why JE makes decisions about debuting who except the people inside.

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Sep 9 11 7:38 AM

Tegomasu's 3rd album (2nd full-length) announced!

It is called "Tegomasu no Mahou" (Tegomasu's Magic) and being released on October 19. It'll be released in the usual 2 editions, regular and limited.
More information under the cut!

The tracklist is as follows:
1. Mahou no Melody (Magic Melody)
2. Hanabi (Fireworks)
3. Yuuyake to Koi to Jitensha (Sunset and Love and Bicycle)
4. Yuki Daruma (Snowman)
5. Wasuremono (Forgetten Things)
6. Tanabata Matsuri (Tanabata Festival)
7. Over Drive
8. Currently untitled
9. Ryoukiteki Honey (Bizzare Honey)
10. Yume Tabibito (Dream Traveller)
11. Aoi Bench (Blue Bench)
(Only on regular edition)
12. La La Sakura
13. Tadaima, Okaeri (I'm home, welcome home)
14. Ai no Naka de (In the center of Love)

Tracks 12 and 13 were released on the Swedish version of Tanabata Matsuri, while track 14 was written by them and performed during their 2nd tour.

Limited edition has a DVD with a special interview and PV + Making of Mahou no Melody. It also has a 28 page booklet.
Regular edition comes with the listed 3 bonus tracks and a 16 page booklet.

Credits: mayonaka_otaku @ news_jpop, Tower Records

SO EXCITED!! Ai no Naka de was so awesome <3

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Sep 9 11 12:59 PM

I like Tegomass so I'm excited for this. I thought we would just get another single from them when I heard they were singing a new song live recently.

I'd much rather have a NEWS release though. But I've also given up on them doing anything together this year.

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Sep 9 11 1:31 PM

Ooh awesome!!!
I was just thinking yesterday, NEWS releases FAR too infrequently...
I was also hoping there would be a single by the end of the year but...maybe next year...
I really wish groups got more even releases...although it does feel like more of a quiet year for Johnnys...

But at least I have Tegomass to fill the two favorite members~
More Massu = more happiness ^^

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Oct 7 11 8:18 AM


Yamapi and Ryo withdraws from NEWS

Yamashita Tomohisa and Nishikido Ryo, members of the popular idolgroup NEWS announced today through their agency Johnny's that they are withdrawing from the group.

Yamashita will continue with his solo projects, Nishikido will continue as a member of Kanjani8. Koyama Keiichirou, Katou Shigeaki, Tegoshi Yuya and Masuda Takahisa will continue as NEWS, now a 4-member group.

Credits: citzera @ Arama They Didn't!

Was kinda expecting it. Sigh. NEWS with 6 members will be missed

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Oct 7 11 9:58 AM

Ryo's statement (translated from twitter):

"He made the decision because of scheduling issues that weren't up to him to solve, and he felt sorry that the groups had to adjust CD releases and tour dates because of him."

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Oct 7 11 11:36 AM

I honestly can't say I'm surprised. I always felt if either Yamapi or Ryo left the other would go too. It's just sad that it actually has happened.

I do understand why Ryo felt like having to leave now as K8 is busier now than ever so it makes sense for there to be trouble with making his schedule work between the two and I appreciate that he mentioned wanting to still be on good terms with the remaining four. And Yamapi does sell almost as much solo as NEWS does as a group so I see that still making sense but with him being the big draw of the group I can see their sales really hurting now. It almost seems like NEWS is going the way of Hikaru Genji with the group losing members over time yet still trying to go on.

My favorite members though have been the remaining four so I will continue being a fan and I hope now that this is settled we'll finally have NEWS releasing something again. Though their songs are going to sound so strange now as Yamapi and Ryo had a good amount of solo lines in them so those will now have to be divided between the other four.

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Oct 7 11 2:31 PM

I'm shocked...not really emotional or anything about it because my four favorite members are left but it's just gonna be weird to see the four of them...
NEWS is one of my favorite groups and I know Yamapi and Ryo were at leading the popularity race so I'm a little scared to see how their popularity/sales as a 4-nin group go from now on...

And I hope the music style stays in the same vein as it had been...Tegoshi and Massu already have Tegomass so NEWS should stay with the more upbeat dance stuff, despite me feeling like that style REALLY suited Yamapi and Ryo...

Well, I guess I'll have to wait for the shock to wear off but I'm happy that the group can finally get in gear's been WAY too long since we've heard something from this group...

Now they can all have solos on the album

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Oct 7 11 3:32 PM

I am not that surprised either and if that means we are getting releases again I think it's the right decision. The remaining four were always the closest anyway.

Hopefully they won't wait too long with announcing a new single for NEWS now. That would really help I think.

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