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Nov 16 16 7:20 AM

OMG that was unexpected! Jia looks HAWT and the song is great (even if its production sounds cheap in some parts)

Will she release a Korean version or this is just for China?

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Nov 17 16 7:04 PM

But at the end of the MV the logo of "Banana Culture" appears... isn't that related to some kind of Korean management agency?

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Nov 17 16 8:19 PM

Hmm, you're right. Initial reports said the company was Banana Plan...but I'm checking around. It seems EXID is with Banana Culture Entertainment, but Jia's with Banana Culture Music?

This is confusing why didn't they just stick with Banana Plan

Btw the video's up on the Banana Culture Music YouTube still waiting for a JPS upload tho

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Dec 10 16 1:07 AM

EDIT: Things I caught on from the interview at first watch
- She was really nervous about people's reactions to the song; when it first dropped, she didn't get any sleep because she stayed up refreshing the page to see people's comments
- Seems like she's still good friends with some K-Pop idols, including Jackson, Zhoumi, and Kris. She also keeps in touch with the rest of miss A
- If the MV hits 1mil she said she'd go bungee jumping. It hit, so people kept suggesting where she should go, and she's starting to regret it now LOLOL
- They all had an MV viewing session (YG's KUSH was there too for some reason)
- She wants to do a collaborations with Fei and Zhoumi cuz they're still really good friends (inseparable) and it would be fun
- Next song should be coming out in late December / early January
- She's a big fan of historical dramas, and given the chance she'd like to take on being an actress in one
- She's also supposedly a legendary chef (her specialty is cooking meats)

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Dec 13 16 11:22 PM

I'm honestly curious as to Jia's reasonings for leaving. It's not like Jessica who clearly had issues with SM (and some of the girls?) or Minzy who was just under OBVIOUSLY terrible management. Although again, it IS JYP, so it wouldn't be surprising if it was due to some neglect on his end =\

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Jan 2 17 11:45 PM

New Jia song out!

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Jan 9 17 12:15 AM

Oh so Suzy solo. Right now I want to see something different from the JYP girls. All the solos
so far have been similar to each other. Fei came out with a Sunmi song, but both songs
sounded like JYP creations. Right now these teasers are sounding and looking similar in
theme to Fei's. Is that the only theme or idea for the female solos? It's odd that 3 JYP solos
are coming out with the same sexy theme.

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Jan 9 17 4:06 AM

They weren't kidding about short lolol
What is up with this random hanja usage all over the place all of a sudden? Ever since SISTAR used it for Insane Love, it seems like everyone's jumping on board. NCT's song Limitless had a hanja name, and the end of these clips were all in characters. Just seems odd to me
I really can't get ANYTHING from these short clips aside from the visuals, which yes, definitely seems similar to the Sexy Female In Scanty Clothing trope that JYP apparently likes >___> the song itself (from the snippet we can hear from last month's teaser) reminds me more of IU though. She had that one song with the teaser from Modern Times, it's definitely a little more jazzy but similar to Suzy's snippet. The song itself doesn't seem as sultry though, in my opinion. Buuuuuut I could always be wrong, who knows

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Jan 9 17 7:35 PM

So confirmation that the Banana Culture that Jia is on is indeed the one that EXID is on. I wonder if this means that Jia will still release Korean music through there...

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Posts: 2,657 Mohtorboat

#515 post_url

Jan 9 17 11:53 PM

Suzy is releasing a track on the 16th, and what I'm assuming is a mini-album on the 24th. Title track produced by JYP.

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Jan 23 17 6:42 PM

An oddly dark video for just a 15 rating. But wow. Not bad at all. Still kind of reminds me of IU for some reason, but that's definitely not a bad thing at all

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Jan 23 17 8:29 PM

Her singing is really good here. I like it. It's not JYP catchy, but it does sound like it would fit on Fei's album.
At first listen, it was boring. The background is almost silent so it's just her voice. I really like her singing here.

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