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Jul 12 13 10:08 AM

I only see Miss $ and B2ST for July 19th. Am I blind?

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Jul 20 13 10:51 PM

Ivy came back recently. The album version of her title track features Yubin of Wonder Girls, but in this live, Jia steps in for her rap

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Jul 25 13 9:01 PM

Jia got casted for a part in a Chinese drama so whatever comeback they were planning will be affected.

Meanwhile Min practices her twerking.

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Oct 28 13 5:14 PM

Miss A comeback on Nov 6 with an E-Tribe song!

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Nov 1 13 2:40 PM

Sounds ok, I think maybe I will like this one since I didnt like any of their material after "Breathe" (well, "I Don't Need A Man" was alright not amazing)

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Posts: 2,628 Mohtorboat

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Nov 3 13 4:34 PM

Only the first 8 tracks are new, 7 if you don't count the party ver. of Hush.

01 Come Play (놀러와)
02 Hush
03 Love is U
04 Spotlight
05 Hide & Sick
06 (Mama) I'm Good
07 Like U
08 Hush (Party Ver.)
09 Touch
10 Over U
11 Time's Up
12 If I Were A Boy
13 I Don't Need a Man (남자 없이 잘 살아)

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