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May 1 11 3:44 PM

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Name: Koyanagi Yuki (小柳由紀)
Stage Name: Koyanagi Yuki (小柳ゆき)
Birth Place: Saitama, Japan
Debut: 1999


The Best of Yuki Koyanagi 2015 Here For You 〜Universal Selection〜 2015.02.25

  1. CD収録曲】
  2. 1.ジェットコースター
  3. 2.we can go anywhere
  4. 3.return to you
  5. 4. be alive ~そのままの君でいて~ feat.SoulJa
  6. 5.ひまわり
  7. 6.Believe in yourself -Japanese Version-
  8. 7.Here for you
  9. 8.Destiny
  10. 9.ドリーマー
  11. 10.愛情 with浦島りんこ
  12. 11. あなたのキスを数えましょう 〜You were mine〜 (2010Ver)
  13. 12.MacArthur Park
  14. 13.Last dance
  15. 14.天球儀
  16. 【DVD収録曲】
  17. be alive ~そのままの君でいて~ feat.SoulJa
  18. we can go anywhere
  19. MacArthur Park
  20. ジェットコースター
  21. ひまわり


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#1 post_url

May 15 11 5:04 PM

Yuki will feature in a AKANE's song "M4life feat. YUKI KOYANAGI" (Prod. by SHIMI from BUZZER BEATS).
It's gonna be interesting to hear Yuki in a reggae style.

AKANE 3rd ALBUM「D」2011/5/25発売

1. Intro
2. Hotty gyal
3. Hold me feat. BUSY SIGNAL
4. D-Swagga feat. RUDEBWOY FACE
6. A Woman
7. Skit
8. Take it
9. My Life 
10.Move up ur body feat. Timberlee
11.Moon feat. KEN-U
12.I see
13.M4Life feat. YUKI KOYANAGI


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#2 post_url

Jan 2 12 7:07 AM

Yuki posted this on her blog:














IS SHE A MOTHER ?!?! please, someone could translate this ? thank you

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#10 post_url

Jun 28 12 6:48 PM

NATE wrote:
I could have sworn she already recorded MacArthur Park.

Yes, she did it in 2003 ^^

It was included in KOYANAGI the DISCO.

I like it, I hope the new version will be awesome! ;)

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#11 post_url

Jun 29 12 1:34 PM

I must be dreaming !

FINALLY! I love the cover and the promotions pictures!

but it's a shame that it's only covers songs...

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#13 post_url

Jul 25 12 6:16 PM

Yuki will be guest on "Shin Domoto Kyoudai" tomorrow and also will be on Kanjani8 variety show "Kanjani no Shiwake" on August 4th.

profile pic

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#15 post_url

Aug 2 12 1:04 PM

1st week:

73 - ● MacArthur Park/All At Once 1,121 1,121 12/7/25 小柳ゆき 73 1

great to see her in TOP 100 and it's not a big drop from "we can go anywhere" (it did something like 1300 copies in its first week)
so I'm happy with these numbers.

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#18 post_url

Aug 4 12 11:33 PM

This is pretty random but I thought I'd share it - Yuki's older songs are suddenly reappearing on the daily Recochoku Chaku Uta full chart today "Be Alive" is currently #4, "Aijou" is #7 and "Anata no Kisu wo Kazoemashou ~You were mine~" is at #9. She has 5 more entries in the top 100 which are just album versions of "Be Alive" and "Anata no Kisu" as well as that version featuring SoulJa. "Be Alive" was also #20 on the weekly chart. Get that promo!

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#19 post_url

Aug 6 12 1:48 AM

She was on Kanjani no Shiwake Eito last Saturday (rating for the show has been above 10% in Kanto and nearly 15% in Kansai), and she performed/battled with these songs against the comedians karaoke-style. Some artists have had their songs back in the digital charts thanks to the show too.

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#20 post_url

Aug 6 12 8:42 AM

All At Once

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