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Aug 24 12 10:35 AM

So no one is actually graduating apparently? just all transfers. There's so much to take in...and there are rumours of more major announcements tomorrow, with the sister groups or major graduations.

Anyway this got lost in all the news, but their 28th Single is titled 'Kakkoi' and is released on October 31st.

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Aug 24 12 10:55 AM

great so aki-p would probably have moved sasshi anyway? uhuh punishment ok yeah ok

''Takajo Aki and Nakagawa Haruka to JKT48 (Indonesia, Jakarta48) , Miyazawa Sae and Suzuki Mariya to SNH48 (China, Shanhai48).''

This is probably the worst part. Can't they send Mitsumune Kaoru away? that would be great.

Sae's blog translation http://murroppar.tumblr.c...-36-from-me-to-everybody
good luck baby

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Aug 24 12 8:26 PM

Wondering how much time they will be over in the other countries ect. Like is it going to be full time or every few weeks back and forth. Assuming the later, least thats what I'd imagine for Sae... Anyway also wonder if these are the girls who signed up for the transfer overseas or was it a Aki-p decision in the end. 

But yeah sounds like Sasshi would have been moved anyway lol. and about time Takamina got an official title for the job shes been doing for the last 7 years >.> Most of the shuffle makes sense to me. 

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Aug 24 12 9:13 PM

nemesisyume wrote:
This is probably the worst part. Can't they send Mitsumune Kaoru away? that would be great.
I don't know what it is that annoys me about her.....I think it's the hair (or the hype around her).

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Aug 25 12 12:29 AM

Why can't Sashihara Rino just release her porn tape already or get exiled to NKR48? We can always dream...but shit happens so dea with it.

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Aug 25 12 4:42 PM

There's footage here and a longer version somewhere around.

The single has leaked and it's pretty solid, 'Nante Bohemian' is amazing.

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Aug 25 12 8:45 PM

^It's definitely the best group of Undergirls by far for me. 

Day 2 was rather mild, but I know tonight is gonna be nothing but tears, so I wonder has all the earth shaking news passed?

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Aug 25 12 9:57 PM

↑ maybe they left something for the last day, at least I hope so.

Takamina solo debut news is the best ever tho.

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Aug 25 12 10:58 PM

Congrats to Leader on the solo! You earned your solo and completely deserve it...unlike some...makes you wonder what some of these people did to get theirs....

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Aug 26 12 9:44 AM

Takamina is the goddess of AKB48, Mayuyu already had a few solo songs, Wasamin has a great voice, Tomochin loves singing and dancing

and then there is sasshi


nothing fun happened on the 3rd day, just singing and crying because of acchan.

JIJIPRESS video 2012年8月24日;東京ドーム(東京・水道橋)

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Aug 26 12 10:41 AM

anybody has the full setlist and who performed each song?

ohhh;_; i like Rino! and its also time to give Yuko a debut already, and of course the other 2 girls remaining, Mariko and Kojiharu to make all the main girls with solo debuts...(always loved solo but i just dont give a damn about sub-units)

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Aug 26 12 10:59 AM

From everyday48

Tokyo Dome Setlist First Day - 08/24/2012

Tokyo Dome Setlist Second Day - 08/25/2012

Tokyo Dome Setlist Third Day - 08/26/2012

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Aug 26 12 2:10 PM

Man, the day 1 announcements were crazy. I was shocked at first, but know I'm more or less fine with the changes. I can't really bring myself to be super upset about something I can't do anything about, and at least no one is graduating (for now). I just hope that the girls who are moving to the overseas groups actually want it, otherwise it's just cruel.

But I am so happy for Takamina! I've waited for her to get a solo ever since Aki-P started with all these solo debuts!

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Aug 27 12 6:10 AM

their concert is really good so far and I hope Takamina's solo debut is fierce or rocky and not some boring frumpy ballad

#679 post_url

Aug 27 12 5:01 PM

I can't believe we wont ever see her with AKB again, it'll be sad watching old AKBINGO eps etc lol

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Sep 7 12 10:07 AM

Just coming here to say that Gingham Check's PV totally won me over! Totally lulzy and the song now registers as extremely catchy lol... Love it

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