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Apr 21 11 7:52 AM

ouch Anti is a much better song and I'm even not a KKS fan.

quite disappointed with Kachuusa, from the song, the covers and the Preview PV

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Apr 22 11 7:30 AM

The covers are rather plain, yet I like them. Though, the promo picture is still the best. Shoud have used that as Theater edition cover!



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Apr 23 11 6:47 PM

The covers is practically the recycled cover of theirold single (River I think it is or another one before/after that, I forgot).

Disappointed with the covers

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Apr 24 11 4:54 AM

You're probably thinking of Ponytail to Chouchou (or whatever the "accepted" romanization is for that, lol), which is intentional, I'm guessing. I hope, since they do look exactly the same

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Apr 24 11 4:15 PM

I agree, those two covers seem so lame cause it's the same pose of Achan and Tomochin photoshopped near Mariko and Mayu.

I'm sure people would buy it anyway though haha

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Apr 25 11 1:50 AM

So the singles each year are gonna be like...

1. Shitty sakura ballad
2. Guam swimsuit PV/covers, loanword accessory title, senbatsu voting tickets
3. Fan-voted senbatsu with fan service PV/covers
4. "Kakkoii" song with setlist best voting tickets
5. Luck senbatsu with shitty song

And the next release dates this year will be 8/17, 10/26, and 12/7????

omg i'm so smart

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Apr 27 11 11:25 AM

I love it! and it's in such bad quality, the release date is so far tho jeebus. Looking forward to the pv.

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Apr 27 11 6:07 PM

PV Preview!

I can identify references to Oogoe Diamond, Yuuhi wa Miteiru ka?, Sakura no Harabiratachi 2008, Iiwake Maybe, Ponytail to Chouchou and Namida Surprise so far.

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