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Apr 13 11 10:27 PM

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 AKB48 (read as "AI KAI BI FORTY EIGHT")

official website:
official website (KING RECORDS):
official blog:

(Front file: Team A, Middle file: Team K, Last file: Team B)

AKB48 is a female Japanese idol group produced by Yasushi Akimoto. Unlike other idol groups in Japan, AKB's concept is "Idols you can meet" (「会いに行けるアイドル」). for such reason, AKB48 have their own theatre where they perform regularly during the week, and as much as 4 shows a day.

The name derives from a shortened, Romanized representation of "AKihaBara", where their theatre is set up. "48" stands for the total of members included in the group.

To perform in the theatre, AKB is divided into tree teams consisting of 16 members (making the total of 48 members): Team A (captain: Takahashi Minami), Team K (captain: Akimoto Sayaka), and Team B (captain: Kashiwagi Yuki). the set of songs they perform are called Stages (or "Kouen", the japanese word for Stage/Performance/show), and each team have a different setlists with a different sound compared to the other teams (Team A is seen as a "classical idol group", Team K as a "cool idol group" and Team B as a "modern idol group").

Since their change of labels from Sony/DefStar to KING RECORDS, AKB's popularity has grown to amazing levels. to the point that nowadays they are the most popular idol group and one of the best-selling artist of japan

more information about the AKB family: Wikipedia (Japanese Wiki) or STAGE48 (an International English Forum)


000. (2006.02.01) 桜の花びらたち (Sakura no Hanabiratachi)
000. (2006.06.07) スカート、ひらり (Skirt, Hirari)

001. (2006.10.25) 会いたかった (Aitakatta)
002. (2007.01.31) 制服が邪魔をする (Seifuku ga Jama wo suru)
003. (2007.04.18) 軽蔑していた愛情 (Keibetsu shiteita Aijou)
004. (2007.07.18) BINGO!
005. (2007.08.08) 僕の太陽 (Boku no Taiyou)
006. (2007.10.31) 夕陽を見ているか? (Yuuhi wo Miteiruka?)
007. (2008.01.23) ロマンス、イラネ! (Romance, Irane!)
008. (2008.02.27) 桜の花びらたち2008 (Sakura no Hanabiratachi 2008)

009. (2008.06.13) Baby! Baby! Baby!
-KING RECORDS/You, Be Cool!-
010. (2008.10.22) 大声ダイヤモンド (Oogoe Diamond)
011. (2009.03.04) 10年桜 (10nen Zakura)
012. (2009.06.24) 涙サプライズ! (Namida Surprise)
013. (2009.08.26) 言い訳Maybe (Iiwake Maybe)
014. (2009.10.21) RIVER #1
015. (2010.02.17) 桜の栞 (Sakura no Shiori) #1
016. (2010.05.26) ポニーテールとシュシュ (Ponytail to Shushu) #1
017. (2010.08.18) ヘビーローテーション (Heavy Rotation) #1
018. (2010.10.21) Beginner #1  Million
010. (2010.12.08) Chance No Juban #1
011. (2011.02.16) Sakura no ki ni narou #1 Million
012. (2011.05.25) Everyday, Kachuusha #1 Million
013. (2011.08.??)  Flying Get #1 Million
014. (2011.10.26) 風は吹いている #1 Million
015. (2011.12.07] Ue Kara Mariko #1 Million
016 (2012.02.15) GIVE ME FIVE! #1 Million
017. (2012.05.22) Manastu no Sounds Good!

001. (2008.01.01) SET LIST ~グレイテストソングス 2006-2007~ (SET LIST ~Greatest Songs 2006-2007~)
001.5. (2010.07.14) SET LIST〜グレイテストソングス〜完全盤 (SET LIST ~Greatest Songs Kanzenban~)
-KING RECORDS/You, Be Cool!-
002. (2010.04.07) 神曲たち (Kami-kyokutachi)
003. (2011.06.08) ここにいたこと (koko ni ita koto)

- complete discography & various information (including Stage Studio Recordings, DVDs, etc up at AKB48's Official Website* )

-Team A-
001. 「PARTYが始まるよ」 (PARTY ga Hajimaru yo)
002. 「会いたかった」 (Aitakatta)
003. 「誰かのために」 (Dareka no Tame ni)
004. 「ただいま恋愛中」 (Tadaima Renaichuu)
005. 「恋愛禁止条例」 (Renai Kishin Jourei)
006. 「目撃者」 (Mokugekisha)

-Team K-
001. 「PARTYが始まるよ」 (PARTY ga Hajimaru yo)
002. 「青春ガールズ」 (Seishun Girls)
003. 「脳内パラダイス」 (Noumai Paradise)
004. 「最終ベルが鳴る」 (Saishun BELL ga Naru)
005. 「逆上がり」 (Saka Agari)
006. 「RESET」

-Team B-
001. 「会いたかった」 (Aitakatta)
002. 「青春ガールズ」 (Seishun Girls)
003. 「パジャマドライブ」 (Pajama Drive)
004. 「アイドルの夜明け」 (Idol no Yoake)
005. 「シアターの女神」 (Theatre no Megami)

-Himawari Gumi-
001. 「僕の太陽」 (Boku no Taiyou)
002. 「夢を死なせるわけにいかない」 (Yume wo Shinaseru wake ni ikanai)

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Posts: 332 Yellow Gold Pansy Street

#1 post_url

Apr 13 11 5:51 PM

The Team A thread!

Team A is

Image and video hosting by TinyPic  
  • [2005.12.08 - 2006.03.31] Team A 1st Stage "PARTY ga Hajimaru yo" (チームA 1st Stage「PARTYが始まるよ」)
  • [2006.04.15 - 2006.08.11] Team A 2nd Stage "Aitakatta" (チームA 2nd Stage「会いたかった」)
  • [2006.08.20 - 2007.01.25] Team A 3rd Stage "Dareka no Tame ni" (チームA 3rd Stage「誰かのために」)
  • [2007.02.25 - 2007.06.26] Team A 4th Stage "Tadaima Renaichuu" (チームA 4th Stage 「ただいま 恋愛中」)
  • [2008.04.20 - 2008.10.11] Team A 4th Stage "Tadaima Renaichuu" (チームA 4th Stage 「ただいま 恋愛中」)
  • [2008.10.19 - 2010.05.20] Team A 5th Stage "Renai Kinshi Jourei" (チームA 5th Stage 「恋愛禁止条例」)
  • [2010.07.27 - ] Team A 6th Stage "Mokugekisha" (チームA 6th Stage 「目撃者」)

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#3 post_url

Apr 13 11 9:50 PM

Re: The Team A thread!

never noticed that Team A doesn't have any of my favorite members but has my favorite stage albums (5th & 6th)

#4 post_url

Apr 13 11 10:09 PM

Re: The Team A thread!


I wonder if the AKB48 thread will be enough to discuss all three Teams...probably can

don't create it now though. Waiting for aakun.

#5 post_url

Apr 13 11 10:24 PM

Re: The Team A thread!

if gooden olden JPM had one thread for everyone I'm sure this will be no prob



Posts: 332 Yellow Gold Pansy Street

#7 post_url

Apr 13 11 10:52 PM

Re: The Team A thread!

I was just planning on creating a separate thread for all three teams for non release talk to go into since there are so many girls.

#8 post_url

Apr 13 11 10:57 PM

Re: The Team A thread!


honestly...I have no idea how to organize an AKB forum.

My suggestion~
Should we have AKB, SDN, SKE stickied? since it's the bread and butter for this subforum.
Then have subgroups / units and such + indivual team threads?

or as is now is okay?



Posts: 332 Yellow Gold Pansy Street

#9 post_url

Apr 13 11 11:04 PM

Re: The Team A thread!

Well, because the group is the way it is, here is my suggestion

Team A, K & B threads, because they are largest and most popular (and have so many research students.) This is not for talk about releases, but just the girls themselves, their Stages, videos, etc. Everyone seems to have a fav team. Then SKE, SDN and NMB threads(these are pinned). They would also have separate release threads. Subgroups should only get threads on a release basis (like how things are in the MM thread) to make it less mess, then we could have a Subgroups~ musings/rants thread (since the main groups already have their own threads) and then the media/magazine/TV, Oricon ranking, Photobook, etc. threads could be shared

#10 post_url

Apr 13 11 11:19 PM

Re: The Team A thread!

hmmm interesting... i'll see how it goes after all the main topics are set then we can do mergers and such later. (since i'm the only member who made subunit threads)

Don't feel like AKB48 Theater SHOULD necessarily copy MM's subforum style but definately borrow some of thier ideas. (i.e Random Thread)


Btw is Kuramochi a Lesbian??
or the ear thing is just fan service?

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Posts: 332 Yellow Gold Pansy Street

#11 post_url

Apr 13 11 11:22 PM

Re: The Team A thread!

I agree, but they are similar in that they are companies full of idols and many aspects of the format the MM subforum uses do work.

However, my suggestion is very different from how the MM sub forum is set up anyway smiley: laugh

#12 post_url

Apr 13 11 11:25 PM

Re: The Team A thread!

mmm how about the general infoormation about AKB?

or is that like assumed? I was thinking that the AKB48 thread would potentially serve as an information with release but ...hmm

your original idea was great too.

(you can still create the SDN48 thread at least .___. hahaha)

#13 post_url

Apr 13 11 11:26 PM

Re: The Team A thread!

unkowwn wrote:
Btw is Kuramochi a Lesbian??
or the ear thing is just fan service?

lmao lololol

eh. i dont really think mocchi is lesbian lol

im quite sure that our captain is gay though <3.

i think team threads are pointless if they dont have enough activity, but if they do why not.

and release threads is pointless as well. its not like any of the release threads for the subgroups would go over 5 pages (if lucky lol). possibly the same for the main groups, actually.

#14 post_url

Apr 13 11 11:32 PM

Re: The Team A thread!

mmmm allright

so for now keep the flow going with the SKE, AKB, SDN, NMB threads and subgroups/subunit threads.

until a growing AKB interest calls for it~ then we can reorganize n such.

Originally didn;t think of the possibility it'll reach the acitivity of a MM JPM subforum but potentially it could.
For now it's okay with somthing simple to start off somthing better than the constipated AKB48+others thread originally was.

#16 post_url

Apr 13 11 11:45 PM

aakun so sorry, can you fix the title for your topic cause i screwed up the merging the title thing.



Posts: 3,903 SHINee/SNSD Love

#17 post_url

Apr 14 11 6:04 PM

Apparently AKB48 is hosting the MTV Video Music Aid Japan on June 25th? Only confirmed artist to perform is Lady Gaga at the moment but i'm guessing AKB48 will as well

Lady GaGa will perform at MTV's Video Music Aid Japan in June, it has been announced.

The 'Born This Way' star is the first artist confirmed for the tenth annual Video Music Awards Japan event, which will benefit the Japanese Red Cross.

The June 25 event ceremony will serve as the culmination of MTV Japan's Music of Hope campaign - the network's multiplatform response to the devastating earthquake and tsunami which hit the country on March 11.

Hosted by Japanese pop star AKB48, MTV Video Music Aid Japan will be broadcast live from Makuhari Messe to more than 30 million homes on MTV Japan, MTV Korea, MTV China and MTV Southeast Asia. A one-hour version will be shown on further MTV channels worldwide.

More performers, presenters and guests will be announced in the lead up to the ceremony.

#18 post_url

Apr 17 11 5:44 AM

oh sweet! I can't wait to see that MTV Aid.

Must be an honor for AKB48 to host such a televised event.

#19 post_url

Apr 21 11 3:21 AM

This weeks AKBingo has SDN48, but also a glimpse of Everday Kachusha PV (9:50)

#20 post_url

Apr 21 11 4:48 AM

The blindfold part reminds me a bit of Namida Surprise xD I like the outfits though.

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