Apr 28 11 11:14 AM

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This year marks the 5th year anniversary of the event. In case you are wondering why this is even here....

Let's think back to 2008, a young Japanese guy by the name of Shota Shimizu performed in a front of a large crowd at Central Park, and this year we have a new up and coming artist, AISHA performing this year on MAY 22nd!

Taken from the main page:
Japan Day @ Central Park 2011 ~ “GANBARE! JAPAN!” ~

This year’s event dedicated to support Japan in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami -

In light of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Japan Day @ Central Park has changed the theme of this year’s event to “GANBARE! JAPAN!” GANBARE! is a Japanese word used to inspire and uplift people’s spirits. This year’s Japan Day @ Central Park is intended to bring together New Yorkers in solidarity with the people and nation of Japan as they strive to recover from this disaster.

Since the first event in 2007, Japan Day @ Central Park has had three goals: 1) to build bridges of cultural understanding between the people of Japan and the U.S., 2) to say "Thank you, New York!" for providing such a nurturing home to America's largest Japanese community, and 3) to facilitate stronger grassroots connections within the local Japanese community.

This year, we will send the message of “GANBARE! JAPAN!” to the people of Japan through the “Japan Run,” a 4 mile run in Central Park on May 8th, and the “Japan Day Festival” on May 22nd, which will feature stage performances and activity tents. 

Our guest performers  will include Circus, Senri Oe, DMC, AISHA, Keiko Matsui, Mai Fukui, Yuka Takara, Lainie Sakakura and TEN-YOU, who is also our Official Artist for this year’s event.

Donations will be accepted both through our website and at the “Japan Run” and the “Japan Day Festival”. These donations will go in their entirety to organizations active in relief and recovery from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Taken from: Japan Day NYC

The program of events are available here and I created an EVENT thread, for those of you that may participate...