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May 4 11 6:01 PM

Sank-Q Quantum. Seems someone has beat me to it.

Looks great~~~

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May 18 11 1:02 PM

Could you please make me a new avatar with this picture:

or with this one?

I would like it 100x100 px
And could you add the text: Emi Tawata

For the rest: be as creative as you want

(maybe you can do somthing with a bit of colours in the first picture? just a suggestion)

Last Edited By: Megami no Hikari May 21 11 2:50 PM. Edited 1 time.

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May 29 11 12:34 PM

Sorry for the delay, if I dont respond it might be faster to PM me. I hope you like these, I personally dont like my font work- Im not creative enough So I usually stay away from it.

image image

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Jul 19 11 2:52 AM

I would be forever grateful if someone can draw me a couple 9-patch image files. I am just horrible at anything art related. I need to make a few custom GUI panels for an Android application I am making. I can include you in the credits.  

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Jul 21 12 3:47 AM

Yeah I think that was it, although it's a bit smaller than I remembered.
Anyway, thanks so much!

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