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Dec 6 16 3:53 PM

Claudia wrote:
How are we not talking about Nana-san's wedding ceremony yet? How Reina and Aki came, and MAX - sans Nana of course - performed songs for her? How Li-chan and Mina gave speeches and cried happy tears? How all kinds of old school Actors people like Anna and Maiko were there? And 90s stars like Aikawa Nanase and fellow OAS grad Chinen Rina? How happy everyone looked - especially the bride?

Cause nobody bothers coming here anymore

Definitely a touching ceremony from the looks of it. Daichi and Akina were also there with Daichi singing for Nana. Didn't see anything about SPEED or Da Pump attending, unfortunately.

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Dec 15 16 1:42 AM

Anybody in LA? Lina is doing one of those English immersion programs right now. Apparently she went running today and got a bunch of catcalls--that's America for you!

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Feb 17 17 6:49 PM

I feel like I'll be chomping at the bit until the show to find out whether she's back permanently. I wonder if she'll only be making partial appearances like in the 20th live. If she's in the whole show, I'm curious how they'll handle the 3nin songs.

I really hope they announce a new single soon. It's been too long!

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JPC Admin

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Feb 18 17 9:40 PM

Hopefully it'll be permanent. I didn't realize that it is now going into six years since her hiatus started which is the same as Mina's departure from the group. Nana made a suggestive post on one of her SNS accounts that sounded like she was saying MAX was recording music too. If Reina is coming back too, it makes sense since they started what lead to their 20th anniversary event 3 years prior with Tacata'. We're now 3 years from the 25th anniversary. I'm thinking they'll announce a new single during the tour with a release in the summer same as "Roughcut Diamond."

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Feb 22 17 2:42 PM

I would be so happy if we got a new single and then new original album. I can't believe it's been 11 years since Jewel of Jewels.

Incidentally, I won an autographed copy of Jounetsu no Zumba a bit ago. My copy of Reina's R-017 photobook is now I just need Aki's autograph.

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Apr 14 17 12:38 AM

So the interview says it's not a 'full comeback', but Reina would like to participate in activities as she's able to given her childrearing schedule. So...kind of a comeback?

I really wish they would make a DVD of this concert, but I'm sure they won't.

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May 1 17 6:36 AM

I like Nana and Reina's outfits. Not too crazy over Mina's.

It bugs me that Reina won't commit to a full comeback, honestly. I wonder if the membership limbo will complicate the chances of them releasing new music, but then again we've gotten no new music since December 2015 so probably RP just doesn't care enough about them either way.

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May 7 17 10:43 PM


1. Shinin' on-Shinin' love
2. Love is Dreaming
3. Give me a Shake
4. Wonderland
5. Festa
6. Perfect Love
7. Tacata'
8. Summer Dream
9. Mi Mi Mi
10. Forever Song
11. Easy Easy
12Ride on time
14. Eurobeat medley:
d Seventies

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May 28 17 12:00 AM

Nico-Nama filmed the entire Osaka show. What a treat!

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