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Mar 4 16 12:58 AM

Got all this within a month's time. I've been a regular fan of MAX since about 2008 or 2009-ish? But since last year, my love for them bloomed. And I couldn't stop the purchases xD

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Mar 18 16 7:53 AM

I have a pile of ancient CD-Rs I'm slowly transferring to an external HD. I have a few MAX performances in the mix, but probably most are on Youtube already. But I uploaded Feel so right at Kouhaku. Sorry for the bad quality. It's all I had. Wish this song had gotten a longer performance in BACK TO THE MAX FUTURE since it's a personal favorite, but it's understandable that it didn't.

Btw does anyone know what Mina and Reina say in the bridge of Shinin' on Shinin' Love, and what Reina sings in the ad-libs at the end? I never know what to do at karaoke since I can't make out all the words, and I haven't found any transcriptions of it.

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May 5 16 9:48 AM

paradiselost wrote:
Anyone going the concert "MAXIMUM PERFECT DAY"?

I am, lol. Not really a fan, going with a mate, but I'm quite enjoying the 3rd disc on their best. #SELFIE and Tacata' are my jams.

If anyone wants me to pick up any tour goods for them let me know!!

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May 7 16 11:40 PM

Nana entered CHINO's registry on the 8th! They had been talking about marriage for two years--no shotguns were involved. The name rings a bell as a dancer/choreographer, but I can't remember which concerts he's been in.

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May 8 16 8:29 PM

They've known each other longer than 15 years. He was one of the dancers on the Sunny Holiday tour. He's in MAX's videos for "Never gonna stop it" and "MAGIC" as well.

I guess it was only a matter of time once the tabloids put it out there. I'm glad she was able to get married, but I do wonder whether if RP had prevented until now. 10 years is a long ass courtship.

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May 8 16 8:43 PM

Nana's Letter:

Thanks for your continued support. This is Nana from MAX. This is a personal matter and I'm sorry it's so sudden, but I'm letting you know that today, on May 8th, I married the choreographer CHINO.

We've received so much support from so many people, and last year, MAX celebrated our 20th anniversary. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the fans and everyone involved for their support.  On May 10th, soon after this new step, MAX will start our 21st year. 

We'll work even harder than before, keeping our beginner's spirit and treasure the gratitude. Thank you for your continued support.

May 8th, 2016
MAX Nana
Nanako Takushi

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May 8 16 8:53 PM

Li-Chan's post:

Congratulations on your marriage, Nanako!♡♡♡

As the oldest in MAX, Nana-san has worked hard to support MAX, even when it meant putting her own happiness on hold.
From their first meeting, I watched them from the sidelines, and wondered 'When will they get married?"
So when I heard her marriage announcement, my heart felt ticklish, like "They finally went for it!" (LOL)
I was so happy that since they got together the laughter doesn't stop, rather than tears..\(//∇//)\

I didn't imagine that I would be the last single one in MAX. (LOL)
But I'm praying for Nanako's happiness!

Get better at cooking and be a good wife, okay? (LOL)
Ramen won't just come out of the pot!!

With all my heart, I hope you'll be happy forever♡♡♡

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Sep 16 16 1:34 AM

I don' t think I've ever heard about the group with her and Reina before Super Monkey's. As far as I know this is the first time it's come up?

It's hard to piece together all the tidbits they've let drop about their Actors/Pre-debut days though. I feel like to a certain extent there was a specific version they wanted to put forth. 

I do remember her talking about how Reina and her thought they were in trouble when they were called to the office and told they'd be joining the Super Monkey's though. Apparently they were trouble makers  

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Sep 19 16 1:56 PM

Zoe wrote:
I don't know when this happened, but Aki joined a management company and changed her stage name to AHKY.!aki/jmu3i

(Notice a familiar name along the top...)

Didn't she release a song under AHKY (or maybe ah-key) a while back? 

And OMG, OLIVIA, my heart skipped a beat. Is this new? I know she's been talking about recording new music on her Instagram and Twitter but I was taking it with a grain of salt because she's had a record of promising new music soon and then not releasing it. But if she's on a new agency finally...

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Sep 20 16 11:11 AM

Oh yeah! To be honest I haven't followed Caroline really since her first album came out and I wasn't in love with it.

Man, Axis should just take all the OAS artists that Rising Pro neglects. I'm not surprised, but still annoyed, that it's been nearly a year since the perfect best and no new MAX music. They'll trot them out to sing Tacata and Ride on time but won't let them release a single new song. It's been 6 years since the last album of new recordings, and a decade since their last original album. I wonder if they were expecting Reina to be back now, but I get the feeling they'd be in no rush to get new music out even if she were.

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Dec 3 16 9:21 PM

How are we not talking about Nana-san's wedding ceremony yet? How Reina and Aki came, and MAX - sans Nana of course - performed songs for her? How Li-chan and Mina gave speeches and cried happy tears? How all kinds of old school Actors people like Anna and Maiko were there? And 90s stars like Aikawa Nanase and fellow OAS grad Chinen Rina? How happy everyone looked - especially the bride?

Last Edited By: Claudia Dec 3 16 9:24 PM. Edited 1 time.

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