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Feb 4 16 5:06 AM

bulldogs5 wrote:
Finally, it has arriven! Enjoying it right now...

[left]Great news!!

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JPC Admin

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Feb 5 16 3:59 AM

I'm loving the direction of the new BD/DVD. It's dynamic without being distracting and still showcases their choreography. It's quick cuts done right. Watch and learn Namie's cinematographers.

BTW, my copy came with a photo of Reina. Which one did you guys get?

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Feb 7 16 2:50 PM

I'm still waiting for my copy. DHL delivered it to the wrong floor of my office building. Was able to track it down but the woman who signed for it has no memory of receiving it. smiley: mad

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JPC Admin

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Feb 7 16 4:52 PM

It's interesting to see what they cut for time. The whole concert was almost 3 hours but the final product is a little over 2 hours and a half. For example, they cut bits and pieces from the first MC, about 3 minutes from the MC section with Reina, a minute from the #SELFIE ending. They excised entire sections of the encore MC, the entire thing was 16 minutes. On the blu-ray it's 3 minutes. Of course they cut out any of the long pauses.

They had great sound production that was obviously able to pick-up things/fix things in a way the audience couldn't hear. I don't think anything was dubbed in the concert except for Mina's adlibs for "Give me a Shake." But the fact that that's questionable speaks highly of the work done on it. Only negative is that this is another concert where they have leveled out the audience. I guess this is something Japanese producers like to do, but it makes it seem like no one is here for the artist. Like when an audience member yells that Mina is kawaii. That person was in the back of the venue and way far away from me, but very clearly audible in my recording. You can barely hear him in the blu-ray.

Anyway, I loved being able to revisit this. Hopefully, we don't have to wait an eternity for any other concerts/tours to be released in the future.

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Feb 8 16 11:15 AM

sooooo happy i m able to watch it during Chinese New Year. The DVD is perfect, i even fall in love with Mins voice more and more even her voicebreak sometimes but it s understandable for sing Live. the atmosphere is really lowered down,i just hope for more audience shots and crowd yellind coz in thr venue everyone was going crazy!!! it s really good Live recording and again i m so proud to say MAX is my most favourite japanese female group!!!

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Feb 13 16 12:56 PM

I finally got my copy as well! My photo was Aki. I haven't finished it yet because I've been watching a little bit each day to make it last longer.

The first half was marred by wondering when Reina would come out, so I'll definitely be watching it again. LOL I was a bit sad that they reduced some songs to just the chorus, but I can see why they would have to, given the sheer amount of songs. I feel like we've been saying this since Minako when on her maternity leave but Li-chan and Nana-san's voices have just gotten better and better! Minako sounds great too, of course. 

So far the most memorable part for me is just how big their smiles are while performing with Reina though. Not just Reina herself, but the other three as well. You can tell they're just genuinely really happy and it's so heartwarming. Reina looks a bit thinner but she sounds just like the same old Reina. I've really missed her voice - hers was always my favorite. It's so wonderful to see the four of them together again, even if it's only for that one night. This show just brings up all kinds of memories and feelings, as a fan. I teared up a bit during Spring Rain, which I'd expected to do...but I have to admit, I also cried through the entirety of Issho ni... which was a surprise to me. smiley: embarassed

Unrelatedly, Li-chan has a column in some online work magazine. Would anyone like a translation of her articles? So far there's only been one. And I saw someone earlier asking about a translation for their singles interviews...I started doing it back when they were on like seventies, and then got overwhelmed by the sheer number of singles, but I could finish it up if people still want those translated? 

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Feb 13 16 2:27 PM

Yes sure Claudia, much appreciated for single interview but i know it s too much so i would like to read whatever you are convenience to translate and me too who cried during Spring rain on DVD and my friend who sitting together just ask what happened to me, it s the feeling only real fans can understand! my teen are tied with the chrono of all max single i always remember what i was doing during each release, how much excited of my first watching of their new dvd, my favourite is Maximum clips 2 which included the making of some songs, it s a GOLD to me, and i have to say it again i m regret they didnt release live 1998 MAX Up your life!!

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JPC Admin

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Feb 13 16 4:44 PM

Would love the translations, Claudia.

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Feb 13 16 5:46 PM

Ok, guys! Here's the one from Velfarre Dance I'll do these each as a post, because they're a bit long. 

1, Koisuru Velfarre Dance ~Saturday Night~ May 10th, 1995

You have a 20th anniversary concert, and I'm sure you've had a lot of opportunities recently to think back on your debut, but do you remember any specific episodes from when you released Koisuru Velfarre Dance ~Saturday Night~ ?

N: when they first came to talk to us about it, we were performing as the super monkeys, and never thought that we would get the chance to perform together with just the four of us, so we were really happy. And then there was a dance that went with the song already but they decided that we should choreograph a different dance for so the four of us were really excited about that and said 'we'll choreograph the dance ourselves!'

L: it was just supposed to be a one time thing, so we figured it was fine to have some fun with it.

N: we decided for just doing this one song then let's make a dance that's a little bit playful. But then when we presented it, they didn't want to do it. (LOL)

M: I guess it was a little too silly. (LOL)

L: Maybe they had a vision for the future even though they had kept saying that it would be a one time thing?

M: there were also a lot of different ideas for our name. Some contenders were the Boon, and Lady Madonna. (LOL)

N: the one I was really glad that we didn't go with was Harem Queen! (LOL)


M: luckily we finally ended up with MAX.

L: but harem Queen stuck around Intel one of the very last rounds. Even though we were all in our late teens and didn't seem like harem queens that all. (LOL) at that time the Gravure Idols like the CC girls were popular so a lot of though female groups were that kind of group.

N: None of the names really clicked for us, but at the time we couldn't just say 'We like this one.' So in the end we ended up becoming MAX after Max Matsuura the president of the Avex group

And this is the CD jacket? (looking at it)
M: that's right! The idea for this jacket photo changed several times too.

N: now it's hard to tell who's who.

L: hello at the time this is the kind of thing that was popular. But it's totally different now.

N: there's something almost Russian about the style here. But it does look kind of modern when you look at it now.

M: we were probably ahead of our time.

N: and now it's come back around.

M: I think it's probably come back around twice by now! (LOL) I mean even a decade is a long time ago

N: and the beginning we were performing as the super monkey is still but we wanted this to be a separate group and it was like I don't know who those people are. We used our real names as the super monkeys so that's why we decided to use only our first names for Max. My name and Minako's name both had 'na' in them, so it was decided that we'd all use names ending in 'na'. Li-chan's name is Ritsuko so once we started MAX, she went by a stage name.

L: if we decided that people would really be able to remember us better that way and we were really excited about it like in the recording studio, and so I took the name Lina but I've always gone by the nickname Li-chan and really that's what people kept calling me. You guys have never called me Lina.

M: Yeah. I mean you guys don't call me Mina, do you? You call me Minako.

Lina: But in the beginning, I really did try hard, and say like, 'Lina thinks...', but I don't do that now. (LOL)

N: So, from Velfarre, we all got stage names.

L: but nobody really like them because they said that they sounded too much the same that it was hard to remember. (LOL)

When you are given the bell far a project to do you have any expectation or inkling that this would be the start of your own group?

M: not at all at the time. Because we were the super monkeys, and it really was just supposed to be a bit of fun. And we didn't really feel like anything was expecting anything of us, we really were just having fun.

N: we were performing as the super monkeys and then gradually Nami has started doing more things on her own and so we sort of thought oh well I guess all of us will start having more solo activities. We didn't really have a sense that we would continue on as a group forever and we couldn't really imagine doing so, we just sort of thought oh well maybe we'll sing or become talents, we never thought we could continue on as a group forever. 

Akimoto Ken wrote the Japanese lyrics, did you have any contact with him?

N: We didn't. And the lyrics changed really suddenly even though we'd recorded already, so we had to do another recording. Originally it was a very grown-up song. The original song is on some album somewhere. (The song, with different lyrics, DI DI LA LA LA ~ Shigoto ga Koi no Jama wo Suru~, is on the compilation album 'We Love Saturday Night', released August 21st, 1995.

L: We even wrote the rap ourselves, with the director.

N: After we had to re-record the song with the lyrics Akimoto-san wrote, we were waiting for someone at the studio, and we all wrote the rap together, just for fun. And the Director said, "What are you guys writing? That's funny.' So then we decided to write an Okinawan kind of rap together, and on the spot, we were just like 'What's do we have in Okinawa?', and we just came up with things like, 'Ooh, snakes and mongoose fight!' (LOL)

M: And Li-chan was like 'I can't hold chopsticks right.' (LOL)

N: The things we said to the director just became part of the lyrics, like 'When I was a little, I flew.'

L: I have no idea why the dance we came up with got rejected, and yet they let us use this rap! (LOL)

Did you do release events for the single?

N: We did. But no one came to them.

It must have been a shock.

N: It was. (LOL) we always had such a big crowd with the super monkeys. And we had no one. And we were like how come we have so many people then and when it's just the four of us they don't come to see us.

L: we were all doing a lot of different auditions at that time to like auditions for commercials and things.

N: we were all living together. And so we would always tell each other let what auditions we had that day and things like that. But we would always come home not having been selected. (LOL)

L: I never passed an audition once. (LOL) BUt we knew which commercial we'd auditioned for so after a while, when the commerical aired, we'd talk about who had been chosen. LOL

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JPC Admin

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Feb 13 16 9:27 PM

Omg, that's hilarious. It's wild to think that the producer of AKB48 was the one who wrote lyrics for their first single (Which MAX should have been credited for according to this story).

I hope you keep posting more of these, it's nice to hear them talk about the past.

BTW, I recently bought that We Love Saturday Night compilation. If you guys are interested in the original version of "Koisuru Velfarre Dance" I will upload it.

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Feb 14 16 3:05 PM

Thanks for the track, Nate! It was so hilarious to see them do the ad-lib version in the concert DVD! 

Here's the kiss me kiss me interview!

Kiss me Kiss me, Baby August 21st, 1995

- So you were supposed to just be a one time thing but the group had a second single Kiss me Kiss me, Baby.

N: we were happy to be able to make a second single and we even got to be on a music show for the first time even though it was a late-night show. So we really wanted to fulfill expectations, and because kiss me kiss me baby was an actual euro beat song and it was really cute, we really felt like it would sell a lot.

M: we even went to a house studio in llama to film the music video. We put a lot more into , . We all had our own solo cuts.

N: that music video shoot with a lot of work.

M: Li-chan got to the: studio at 6 AM, and by the time she shot her solo cuts...

L: It was 2 AM. There were a lot of artists doing dance music at the time, so the directors and producers of music videos were used to that kind of thing yet. So we were all kind of trying to figure out what we were doing as we made it, and and in the beginning it really was nothing out of the ordinary to have a music video shoot start in the morning and end the next morning.

N: We did the dance hundreds of times.

L: but we did the full danced for each of the various cuts. So the dance really always got perfected during the music video shoot.

-You perfected it through doing it.

L: and then because we had to do the dance so many times over then the muscle memory started come.

- So you were finally going to release your 2nd single. THat must have changed eerything. Do you rememebr how you felt?

N: at the time of this staff were also putting so much into it that we really felt like we were about to become big stars. (LOL) We got really busy. And so that really raised our expectations. And when we went on the TV show there was even a big board that said MAX in lights. We were so happy, like 'We're going to take this home. And we really did take it home!

- You took that huge sign home?

M: It was from CDTV! They made us a big sign that said MAX.

L: We wanted to use it for something. It was the first time that anyone put so much love into making a set for MAX, so we brought it home with the idea that we'd use it for something else.

N: we were still performing is the super monkeys at the time so I think we all kind of thought that the sign would be used for that. But the idea was that kiss me kiss me baby would be a big hit so we thought well, we'lll take it home and maybe we can use it for work with this group. But nothing really met our expectations. The song didn't really catch on and I remember how mortifying that was.

L: when we performed as the super monkeys we were really popular. We were stars. No matter where we went everyone was really welcoming and they danced along with this with big smiles on their face and we got a lot of applause. And so in a way we've become used to that. So we really did think that once we formed masks people would be really welcoming in the same way. But no matter where we performed no one was interested and a lot of people really look that is very coldly. So I think that's where we really started to get the hunger for it like working to do more. Where did the become like the super monkeys. We felt really strongly about that.

M: and we also felt badly because the staff had tried really hard. Some of the staff worked so hard for us that they got banned from the TV stations

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Feb 15 16 9:39 AM

Thanks Claudia for translation! girls must be confused! when they went on media warmly welcomed as supermonkey's but cold eye as max the more i know about them, the more i love them

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JPC Admin

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Feb 26 16 2:31 AM

w-inds. new single is scheduled for the first week of May. A week later is MAX's 21st anniversary. I wonder if RP will give a new single (on time) this year.

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